You’re fat, rotund, massive and huge!

How rude! Is it rude?

Bravely, reality settles in. It’s true.

Full-figured, Big girl, pleasantly plump

Relay what? The nice way to say fat?

Polite people say those nice words

Then think – Fat, Fat, Fat

No matter, Big Girls are needed and loved

Big girl pal will robustly throw down

When her skinny girls need protection

‘Brick House’ girls blessed with knockers and bootie

Strut their stuff to boys seeking lovin’

Full-figured divas dressed in boas, golden gowns and F.M. pumps

May not be Girls, but gays having fun

Then there’s the chubby who eats by herself

She hides in the restroom stalls

Intently she listens to the campus cuties

Then fantasizes of overflowing popularity

She’s a cast-off who eventually gets friends

Amongst the freaks, uglies, bad and the weird

What will she be in 5 or 10 years?