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Super Hero

Muscles unrelentingly ache

From fire infested battles

That rendered life saving victories

Powering through the signs to stop

Hero’s heart says carry on life saver

With a primal roar and stubbornness

Two more lives are saved by one

Not satisfied with his good deeds

Now body can take no more

Weeping and uttering sorry

A smoke dressed survivor comes

No sorry needed, my friend

You did more than your body could do



Trepidation of singular status

Holds once-lovers in place

Sleep together, yet apart

In case something should change

Polite gestures void of amorous glances

Brushes in place of deliberate touch

Dreaming of yesterday romance

Wondering what happened or didn’t

Years spent in a peculiar dance

Til brave voice utters liberating truth

Divorce was final long ago

We failed to really love


No Worries

Speak to oneself, minus vocal cord use

Assessing the looks and look-a-ways in the room

Am I appropriately attired ?

Is my hair uninspired ?

Do I emit a pleasant scent?

Why are my eyes wild and bulging ?

If only I knew how to relax

At my own damn funeral!

Witnesses to transient humans

Servers of liquid courage

To pillow and luggage handlers

What can I get you?

A myriad of absurd answers come back

True logic escapes the coach class brain

Countless scenarios anticipated

The traveling mind, now can’t recall

A few minutes of silent yet crippling ascension

Several hours of humanity’s atmosphere

Sleepers, players, talkers all try

Trying hard to forget, there is no control

Reality sets in, all are cocooned in a steel bird

How do I get out of this box ?

Scratching and clawing, no success

Kicking with Kung Fu wishes, no good

I have to be Chinese!

And I’m not Chinese this week

How do I get out?

Claustrophobia setting in

Only thing barely stable is me

I think, perhaps I’m wrong

Pray to my pharmacological deities

Holy Lithium, Saint Seroquel

Please release me from this

‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest’ scene

Ah, yes! I’ll open the door!


Wayward feet are burning

As I walk through the sands of boastful time

Take a leap of faith, into avian domain

A judgmental sky will evict me soon

Recklessly diving into a curious sea

A bit exhausted? No, not at all.

I can climb into thin-aired peaks

And shout out my soul’s name

Later find myself walking

Down the streets of nothing new

No choice really

No funds to fix my car

What do you want?

If your deepest wish was granted

Is what you want for you or another?

World peace? A million dollars? Eternal life?

Then what will you have in the aftermath?

Perhaps you want wisdom?

Or love that never dies?

You and God can give you that

Are you confused or ashamed?

Don’t be. Just be honest.

Selfishness is a human element

So, what do you want? Tell me

My wish is simply awful

I wish I knew what I wanted


Simple Yet Complex

Who are you? What a question

It provokes instant defense

Christian, Jew, Muslim ?

Or do you go to race?

Perhaps political label

Is your badge of choice

Are all those labels and dogmas

Really the essence of you

Take away the elements of your world

No spouse, no job, no social status

Take away all your priceless possessions

Who are you? More importantly

Do you like who you are?

Again, I truly hate you

You were not strong for me

Attacked by malady

Tortured by the aches and pains

Of cursed illness

I provided ‘no obligation’ time

An uncomplaining bed

And a catering nurse

Still you fail me, old body

Although, I have to live with you

Okay, love is there

I just hate you right now


No One Wants To Ask

I am not blind

I know the truth

You’ve done wrong to many

Many think you evil

Incapable of change

Not hard to find judgment

So many hold hate for you

Still, I will ask the question

No one wants to ask

Who taught you all this evil?

And has he paid the price?