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A Kinder New Year

No more holiday magic

End of commercial driven strife

Good-bye festive greenery

The enormity of a new year awaits us

The filling of 365 days, good God

The judgement of past years gone by

Is this to a self-imposed sullen year

Or can joyous moments seep in

Nonetheless, 2012 is dying quickly

Let us bury the term ‘happy’ with it

Give birth to a Kinder New Year







Freak Out

In my head, In my heart

In my damn lower parts

I am not alright

I’ve been physically wronged


Don’t comfort me, rational thoughts

You diminish too much

This is not a simple hiccup

This is a full-on surgical problem


I am not alright!

I am violently pissed

I have no one to punch

So, I punch these keys


I am not alright!

Freak-out washes over me

Limbs ache with terror

Mind wants to sleep


Tomorrow’s dance is the same

My curse word is wait

Just a little while longer

And then I’ll be hurt but cured






Vile enemy stalks me from within

Loath, curse but not kill it

How badly I want to maim

Again, in aggressive surgical battle!

Still, you confiscate my sustenance

I have no way to impede you!

If it offends me and it does

Cut it out, Cut it off, Cut it away

Divorce this pelvic purgatory, now!

I wish to be a nothing in painless peace


I Gave Too Much

Before me, the labored populace

Hunched over by the weight of fatigue

Eyes straining for signs of movement

Must we perish on consumer floors?

My stubborn skeletal remains reports to register

Yes, I want a gift receipt! I’m dead not stupid!

What? No Sale?

I shopped too damn long, again

Cloaked in arctic winds

Infected by corrosive fatigue

Still I foolishly continued

Seek and acquire sought after gems

My beloved consumer mantra

Chilled core, fingers and toes protesting

I must pace myself, or face a grim expense

No clearance prices at the ER


Abdominal profile is that of Hitchcock

Your face resembles overblown glass

Manners are blatantly atrocious

So why are you coveted?

Your life-loving heart makes you young

Joy and compassion are housed in you

Your absence makes the world feel robbed

In these twisted and convoluted times

You’ve been correctly named Entitlement

For just a moment

There is a frozen silence

A sliver of undigested bleakness

Expel it from your cores with disdain

It has no place with our kind

We are the sun walkers

Hazard Holiday

Scolded lips by hot cocoa

Buried beneath retail relics

Footing assaulted by wheel-crazed child

Brain on the verge of stroke

Due to ‘some assembly required’

Holiday hoopla may kill me! So be it!

 It’s a fabulously festive way to go!

Injured by life’s cruelty

It is decided, no more painful existence

Coating my skin with fragrant dreams

Viewing brisk wintering world

Through rested pristine eyes

Observing blessed human frivolity

Thus warmed from frosted laughter

Life has permeated my questioning core

I wish to answer the burdened void

Yes, I will accept a love fueled world



Holiday mess scattered about

Still more merry needs to invade

Unraveling of retail packaging

Pruning of nature’s fragrant green

Lovingly hugged by domestic colored stars

Gingerly placing childhood joys

Holy elements and holiday glitters

Angel of Peace ruling from above

My consumer heart gratefully inhales

The healing love Christmas trees