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No damn diploma but I have my pistol

Watch me teach you a lesson

IRS bastards! Militia compound is good

My right to bear arms! Yes military grade!

Your adulterous wife laughed at impotent you

In several shotgun blasts you got your manhood

Trained your replacement and got escorted out

Returned to say your peace with 30 round clips

Eternal compensation via lovely police barrage

Trials are for criminals, not an American like me


Infected gray matter

You annoy and employ me

Burdened with the right to do wrong

Be it small parts of my living corpse

Just a bit of bloody scar and scab

This is bad, terribly wrong

Scar anger, mania or a world of no?

Impossible and so I volunteer

A bit of thigh, ear and scalp

Slightly injured, no one can see

To calm the dreadfully wrong

I live, my friends, I live