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The Poor

Who have you saved?

In all your pointless obligations and invitations

In all your endless rush

Who have you touched?

I mean spiritually, you pervert!

Who have you saved in any real way?

Are you weighed down by pretty things?

Watch your Coach bag and coveted villa

Now answer your groveling underlings!

Who have you saved .. today or ever?

Not anyone? Not even yourself?

God help you. You wasteful, wretched poor



Androgynous character calls upon me

Beseeching dimension, curiosity and blessed mistakes

Then it demanded with no etiquette at all

Who I was in every act, thought and soulful core

With contemptible lungs I shouted in fury

I am your scornful sun, your sinister moon

the life-giving river that always avoids you

I am the soil that refuses to reap for you

Yet is happily bountiful once you move

I am defeated conservative and mocking liberal

I am the doubtful bigot and the righteous world citizen

I am vengeful, forgiving, honest and deceitful

humble, boastful, learned and ignorant

I fail and win but fail much more

I am wife, daughter, sister, friend all encased in questionable skin

Most importantly, I am an insightful human being

In Dark

He holds her so tenderly

Her gaze upon him, unrelenting

So sweetly, known poison is dispatched

She’s grateful for an end at his hand

A third watches on and feels their labored breeze

Broken observer mourns her dying stoic armor

Torrent tears command and no way to capture

Three lovely deaths played out in dark

The Breakup

Minor cuts multiplied by questionable eyes

Needless to wonder plastic model citizens

Quasi-surgical art,  a means to an antiseptic end

Grotesque beloved friend seeks open light

This love is limited and based on shame

In protest you heal and racing thoughts attack

Human not cutter pronounced!

Sinister blades and demons succinctly dispatched



Locked doors, drawn shades

Sit alone on harmless floor

Take Zoloft, Lithium and other friends

Safe now? Who’s to know

Kill PC, i Pad, i Phone and all else

If no morals, then it has no heart

Something more sinister watches

Damnable and armed letters are honing in 

IRS, INS,  NSA, CIA and FBI are suspect

All drones of our deity – USA

Shackled by urban malaise

His eyes drawn to innocuous cafe floor

  Strange force prompts an upward gaze

True life meets his starving heart

Face is tender and learned, not beautiful

Attire is worn, outdated and shapeless

No matter. She wears strength and integrity

Dating, marriage, babies all lived in a millisecond

Earth angel vanishes just as fast

Manic search to the point of exhaustion

Comforting void begins to call

Fate is not done, millisecond resurrection

Life beacon has moved in next door


To perish upon a cracked parched earth

Or assault all earthbound ears

Atmospheric playground rules apply

Purposeful molecules divide and conquer

Knowing well rebirth is the cloudy jester

All connected in an earthly symphony

Not Whole

Caustic tears beneath hardened face

Not all wounds cleansed away

No prosthesis for a maimed spirit

Prescribing fervent life is standard

Swallowing such pills requires coaxing

Smooth rounded stones are mourning

Mothering river is finally dead

Cleansing forest-scented rain baptizes

Futile attempts to birth new running waters

Tender moss tenderly caresses the orphans

The Lesson

Wrote her name across the clearest sky

Hand picked three dozen pristine roses

Three months of singing lessons to serenade

Only to hear his beloved say

The newest iPhone and a month in Paris

That’s all I wanted you idiot!

Squeezing a pocketed  Harry Winston, he uttered

A month-long  honeymoon in Paris will not be

Confidently exiting his prisoner’s heart

Selfless loving  partner is the only currency to a real life