What do you think you’re doing, Mr. Martin Luther Obama?

And who do you think you are? Hiding behind the trees

Well, I know I’m going for 2 am walk

Can’t sleep and need the fresh air

As far as who I am, there are two sides to that

I’m not a thief, rapist, kidnapper or killer

No weapons or tools on me.  Just one house key

I’m an educated, African-American who’s on a mission

Why must you see my ID? Do we live in a Fascist state?

Why are you arresting me? I’ve met all your requests

Probable cause? There is none against me

But then again, there’s my badged mission. You!

Wave to my neighbors behind night vision cameras

Five angles. The news station.  What do you think? Will that do?

I’m ready to go to jail now, Officer Brainiac

Off come the cuffs and off runs a cornered ex-cop