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Karma No’s

Stop hitting me

Punch No

Stop hitting me

Punch much harder Ha Ha No!

One day you’re going to pay

One Day

Can I have a raise?


I really do need it


My kids are starving, Boss

Can’t you say anything other than no?

Yes. Eat less, stop smoking and hell no



Last night was last night

with a partial sunrise nod

Yes, we were physically amazing

But now this day must start

You go your way and I go mine

I wish you all the best, really

I’ll never forget you my moonbeam

Do you need a ride or a taxi?

Why are you screaming at me, baby?

Yes, I got the restraining order!

No, I didn’t steal your lacy thongs

Just a few more points to make

And I’ll get right off your porch

Please, no dog or Taser again, officer


Back Up

No psychotropic minions

to aid angst-ridden extremities

Loving hero is summoned

Sing please a soothing tune

Massage villainous muscles

Enable crippled mind to focus

On the promise of heavenly calm

Love Ala Crazy

Liar! You never loved me!

Not one stab, slash or bruising

on your stark ravingly calm skin

Stop dodging all my manic swings!

No. Wait a minute, lover! Stop!

I must make you a good fit for me

Why did he go? I was being sincere



Perfect Marriage

Cuticles are like ex-boyfriends,

dry, flakey messes needing a cut

Glitter polish is fading into who-cares

No one loves or even cares enough

to massage poor gnarly, crusty feet

Off to gossip central Nirvana – the nail salon

Mani-Pedi, fills, wax that caterpillar away

Immature? You’re crazy! Design away!

Who hooked up? Broke up? And came out?

Give up all those delicious details!

Nail care and shallowness, perfect marriage

Honey, tip 25% this time, okay?




Poorly Planned

Yearning elsewhere conspires

with desperate senses

New reality is aptly erected

Linear, white, cool and clean

Is this sterility truly grander?

No. More ideas swirl about

Color, depth, shapes and rough

Dear God, Dr. Seuss is a construct!

Go back, go back to yearning start

Yearning, please swiftly depart

Seek some other immature malcontents




Cool serene breeze arrived

to caress poor sullen brow

Thoughtfully staying to usher

Imperfectly quiet sleep

Utterly fitting for an adult child

of responsible lunacy





Terminal first dates

Dotted with Rhett Butler quasi-kisses

Reserved yet flirty liberal ladies

Wish for fun minus buck wild

Intellectual risqué banter

Dockers and some sort of collar

Will guarantee ‘we meet again’

No lacy panties left in pockets

No crotch grab in 0 to 10 seconds

Refusing to play house for the fun

Haven’t been a girl in a long time

Thus, being called ‘girlfriend’ is a no

Thirty plus is no bullshit terrain




Exquisitely Wrong

Genesis of monstrous notions

Is the whisper of nothing real

Calm and reason, utterly abandoned

Fears of the uncertain open space

Abhorring the gust of well-traveled wind

Maniacally convinced of enclosed haven

Knowing it’s safely counterproductive

Sickly mental drives , treasured demon

Joy with a dash of status quo norm, do detest

Vile goodness, can’t be evicted from psyche

Pop a pill, sleep awhile and try puzzle again

All above and down below is exquisitely wrong


Affectionately Loathed

Thumping into flavorless life

   without any sort of invitation

Inappropriately inciting and witnessing

   A corrupt and manic-ridden you

  Thoughtlessly jovial quasi-demon

   Is affectionately loathed to a fault

Car keys, smokes, loose change

    Getting swapped along confusing way

   Fists, drinks and snotty tearful hugs

Alas, the predictably comical norm

     Still loyalty has a sobering effect

    As tragedy or trouble threatens a friend