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Mini Halloween witch

weeping hysterically

runs into motherly arms

tearfully utters the cause

bully brother ate all of her treats




Little rich girl, petite and flawless

beauty, she thinks, is like her doll

Museum-like pristine household

clean, crisp and lightly scented

like citrus groves by the shore

Blink into lovely, imperfect daughter

Smudged pixie nose and cheeks

Saintly mother toils with callused hands

scented by double-shift perspiration

and drops of not-in-budget perfume

True beauty lives on little big hugs

and the magic of frivolity

I love you, Mama makes the day disappear

Once a gallant woman

Now garbed in tattered frock

Still, she wants for nothing

Sinister mist to terrified mortals

Serves as her mansion home



No bloodsucking vampire

No brain eating zombie

No howling werewolf

Can match the greatest of fears

Incompetent statesmen in dreadful power

For yet another bone-head term

Mighty Lethargy

Self-imposed incarceration

in a dusty, stale dwelling

Deliberate escape is hindered

by strong-willed bed and linens

narcissistic aerial rulers

assault the blameless for sport

enraged street-borne creatures

injured but relentlessly stubborn

justice-seekers terrify demons in hell

resolved to manically pollute

tyrannical ears, eyes and lungs

immovable smiling corpses

lay eternally rotting at remorseful feet

Tragically boastful mind divorces

from half-witted writer submissive hands

All precious flows of keystrokes

are shockingly resigned to pallid stasis

Resurrecting the horrid word-maker

is a fate worse than death

Rum, Scotch and Doritos may run out!





Intent on frightening all lions

Conniving to silence all birds

Believing that tides can be suppressed

Emasculated alleged statesmen quake

In the face of the people’s mighty will

They assure a traitor’s loathsome legacy




Final Home

Awkwardly clutching the womanly shell

housing womb laden with cooing dreams

Tears not coming to justify longing

Silent heartache fills hollowness

Merciful gurgling, button-nose cherub

Bestows all her silly and mischievous smiles

Motherly love is released like a flood

Wires and monitors announce distress

Sweet angel beckons her true-hearted Mama

As mortals valiantly try to revive

Celestial Father and eternal daughter

Release the sadness, longing and doubt

Completely whole is the final home





Fruitless Penance

Replacing free breathing

with wronging all that breathe

Cells in your soul fervently cry out

And under your will, cease to be free

As finished victims find loving solace

you justly suffer an immortal silence

Wordless grunts are all you have

To protest your fruitless penance