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Beloved Nemesis

You are plainly unarmed

Yet you brutally assault me

You are completely mute

Still, your thunderous demands

Quake my quivering hands

A cruel and necessary genesis

For all brilliant and doggerel verses

Blank page, my beloved nemesis




In A World …

In a world of brisk

I, You and We are

Layered in chilled charming

Embraces are more tender

Faces and hands become

Recipients of far more love

In a world of damn near freezing

the rightful inappropriateness

Of these silly poetic words

Become the battle cry of the day


The Advancing End

Caches of cookies, chocolate and sparkling cider

Throughout happy kitchen cubbies

Signaling the advancing end of winter daze

Hardwood floor showered by Noble Fir needles

Yesterday’s elated hearts and minds

Tentatively accept the loss of magical air

One will blink or rise or be jolted

By the whisper death of the holiday season



Clean Cool Stillness

Play out north shore winter postcard

Slightly, strangely shifting ice

Blanketed by curious freezing frost

Gritty grains of summer frolics

Hibernate beneath happy white coats

Risking chilled-toe injury

Walkers inhale the clean cool stillness

Then retreat to rosy cheek hearth







Prudent Wishes

What do you want for Christmas, son?

I want this and that and that and this

If I don’t get, I’ll bite, kick and scream!

Next, little darling (I hope) please

What do you want for Christmas, pretty girl?

I just want two things this year, Santa

A good job for my daddy

and a sedative for that psycho bratty kid

Heart is aptly named Thespian

Housed in back lot facades

Ever so subtly, upstaged plastic star

With ugly yet honest delivery

Real humans tearfully applaud

Justly offers of wealth and fame

All pour out like Biblical torrent

Not ready nor willing to take the lead

Heart utters, I expect more of myself



She left you at Christmas – this may work out well

Threw her gift back at you – you saved all year to buy

She tweeted her absolute disgust and alleged betrayal

With last season’s Jimmy Choo shoes – is she high?

She fiercely demanded to all your friends  – parents too

She won’t be attending any party you’re in

Thunderous joy echoed amongst your people/crowd

Happily, you made the holiday social rounds

Hot little elves ass-grabbing, twerking, body shots galore

Broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram  

To assure your ex (frosty snow bitch) knows what time it is

Sure enough, she’s texting you and everyone else, rapid fire

I miss you, baby. Can I come back home? 🙂

Answer: No. I’m having a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tug Of War

Roaches, white walls, beige carpet

Thick city-grime windows – complete

Pobre Chicano dwelling

Cynically houses good-bye dreams

Bikini clad daisy girls

Living silly on island sand

Blink, awake to fractured streets

Shattered glass-crusted asphalt

Battle chica’s sandaled feet

Bamboo walled suite is calling

Bubble bath fit for a queen

Can’t turn the white girl faucet

Blistered palms can’t ever squeeze

East L.A. jails and suppresses

Chica’s  freedom loving mind

Go to magical island realm

When welfare lights are off



I’m a good dad and lots of people know!

Who do you need to convince?

I love my boy eternally.

In the emptiest possible way.

I want to do more for him.

And you can, but you won’t.

My boy’s doing very good.

Even though he questions his own breath.

He always says that he loves me. 

Yes, he does. What choice does he have?

Blurred Vision

Dancing faster, closer – dreading the end of song

Elongated slumber – cease murdering well written dream

Naked, crazed and running inside – while charmingly dining

Cured, cured! Resounds in liar’s bruised skull

Voiceless mirror confirms prudent composure – tomorrow it dissolves  

Affectionately adoring senders of unrequited love – temporarily

You’re mad, so mad – shouts un-medicated bones and skin

Manic relishes the windswept view from atop a jumpers perch

Falling straight, strangely into state-regulated white restraints – now protected