She left you at Christmas – this may work out well

Threw her gift back at you – you saved all year to buy

She tweeted her absolute disgust and alleged betrayal

With last season’s Jimmy Choo shoes – is she high?

She fiercely demanded to all your friends  – parents too

She won’t be attending any party you’re in

Thunderous joy echoed amongst your people/crowd

Happily, you made the holiday social rounds

Hot little elves ass-grabbing, twerking, body shots galore

Broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram  

To assure your ex (frosty snow bitch) knows what time it is

Sure enough, she’s texting you and everyone else, rapid fire

I miss you, baby. Can I come back home? 🙂

Answer: No. I’m having a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!