Must make rent – you know, third job

Mother to an always sleeping boy

I’m so sorry, my beloved son – one day …

Quick shower, coffee, apple – he’s worth it

Catch the cruel bus – super sonic fast 

Baby boy not at home – why? it’s 2am

Must call in sick – slice up your pride

Sorry boss! Can I make it up, later?

Baby, where you been all this time?

Angry boy laughs.  You answer me!

On your knees bitch!  Hell no, pinche carbon!

Rip, beat, screams – demonic red is seen

She’s going to miss the bus – one more crime

Turf war,  bullets fly – quasi-good boys die

Mama wants a shower –  then repeats the rape in the ER

Baby boy – dead weight in the morgue

And the all important rent got paid, this month