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Pathetically Epic

Everest, Sahara, English Channel

at my mortal lesser feet

Just a bit? Not enough

Vacuum, dust, sweep – perhaps mop

Abandoned laundry groans

I am sickly at knee and mind

So much, so much – fears strikes

Good friend – bed beckons

No judgment or even eyes

Still, grime is felt beneath guilty feet



Above and below a thing called skin

An aching, a pain

A quiet, manic sadness

So used to it, but loathe it

Rush to isle of solace – a little refuge

Husbandly nape of neck

Subtle scents arise

Noble savior’s neck – receives bipolar kiss



Skeleton Speaks

Institutionalize domicile, not home

Un-painting paint, standard white on walls

Urban scents and haze invade sick brain

Alleyway cast-off furniture, so kingly

Refrigerator, loud and never full

Designated grown up labors blindly

Still, paltry morsel is the feast

Lazy? unfashionable skeletons, so lazy

Yes, you have a point, shiny flesh man

Shoddy parts on lucky welfare drones

Do seem so very lazy to whole people


Sit amongst awaiting seekers

Voyeuristic spirits rise in such tides

No socially relevant lecture

No epic warrior siege

No doomed enraptured affair

No apocalyptic salvation, please

Labored psyches require it most

Inappropriate hilariously crass folly

Blessed are the cinematic buffoons





Plagued by a virus, quasi-human in form

Some troll’s little darlin’ I’m sure

Targets me with her Cyclops eye

Pummels me with reptilian fists

Game changer – virus insults my mother

Supplications for a mercy long dead

Throngs of chanting inciters flank me

Rescuing the vile demon, naturally

Life saving bell and ignorant teachers



Trust the robust lust that is us – really?

Pathetic verse issued from a laughable you

Speak no more – perhaps forever and ever

King Lover, your kingdom must be Silence

Still, you are not bright enough to rule

Simpleton mouth fails to contain ineptitude

Falling from lips and intent, weakly bound letters

She is a worded soul, you are not her worded equal

Apt in heaving magic, amongst blushing linens

Let bookish one speak genius to such a form