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Harsh Abandonment

Ominous waves charge without opponents

Ten billion gallons of briny death

Designed to recede for all their noisemaking

Conquering brutish army – bloody splendor

Just homesick men coveting anything normal

Move on, warriors – become humans first

Souls in the wake of such bullies

Present the same useless query

Why and how were tactics acquired – harsh abandonment

Narcissistic callous lover taught this and other classes







Dubbed the laughable strife

A mighty roar will best the foe

Diminutive rages collapse arrogance

What to do  – contemplate reality  

Failure, loser and stagnant soul – its you

Self issued world exit? Lose again

New mantra – Self approval is king

Seeking to find a grander cause

Grateful, new challenger plunges forward

What a beautifully honest scar


The Capture

Greeted the monarchs in a looking glassmonarch

Final resort – naked eyes did fail

Trekking through undulating grounds

Slight woods were charming, guarding

Refusing to reveal weightless fairies

Regardless of playful subterfuge

Looking glass viewer was victorious





Your back and hands stiffen, ache

Stop digging your youthful grave

Tormented one, you’re not repulsively evil

Redemption is for tearless ones

Right the wrongs – not ever alone

With your fiercely loyal friend by your side

Kill your burden by voicing your part

Rejoice in the cleansing purge – reckoning  

Clutch the honor of merciful justice

Pass it on, flawed one, pass it on








It May Be

Bloodlust warrior kills everyone

Fears loneliness, then kills himself

Learned man tires of new discoveries

Then sees the vile ignorance elsewhere

Self righteous pontificator sees himself

Not worthy of the Lord’s holy light

Cruel indifference, harsh judgment – his worst sins

Generous indigent gives to impoverished mogul

Meager currency not asked nor received

Racist murderer is wholehearted forgiven

By the dark and saintly child swinging in the tree

Do you see them? Do you see what may be?







Imprisoned in a psychotic Rubik’s cube

Acid wash jeans oddly heralded in the cool

Florescent colored Converse high-tops house crazy feet

MTV Svengalis wield beloved Like A Virgin, Rebel Yell

Star Wars, E.T., Alien invaded pothead geeky minds

Gordon Gekko – all hail the god of greed (right Republicans?)

Less Than Zero – a glossy, sexy, pathetically vile PSA

Dune, The Hobbit, Valley of The Dolls

Which delusional print world do you prefer

Take on misogyny with badass shoulder pads

Remember HIV/AIDS is real – not just for the gays

Get tested, get rubbers and get wise right now

Washington lives in viral denial fog

Just Say No? Utterly brilliant (as if)

Hey Gorbachev,  bring that f*cking wall down







Rightful Air

There was an angry boot

Married to a strong-willed neck

Cruel one awaits dawning karma

Now retreats to sadistic role – today’s currency

Scarred one smiles in opposition

Armed with a plethora of keen attributes

Sadist predictably cowers, pleads

Justly hammer stoically falls, then leaves

Victory is not acquired

Rightful air is breathable now



The Mechanics Of Movement

Wary are these toes

who access the threat below

Addicted to billowy, elevated solace

Still, loving bed must be left

True villain lies and was born within

Bilateral arthritic knees

Braces, cortisone, Vicodin dreams

Inhale all of dear arsenal

If only to roam a little free



Reach back, reach back says someone absurd

To popsicle tainted hands and dress

Sprinting through barrio jungle

Battling empty lot pebbles and thistles

Rust plagued Impala spacecraft

Forget, forget mama’s jalapeno truth

Baking, sweltering in welfare room

Void within apologetic hopeless Frigidaire

Bus seat assessment, filthy drunk fear

Return, arrive to A/C cushioned home

To cherished poet’s cyber sanctuary

Topped off with lover’s coffee and biscotti





All Is Well

Content, cheerful, pleasing to all

No sacred off kilter variable

No lovely jagged edge

No wrongful shadowed kiss

All is well, sadly well

Medicated floors await appropriate me