Imprisoned in a psychotic Rubik’s cube

Acid wash jeans oddly heralded in the cool

Florescent colored Converse high-tops house crazy feet

MTV Svengalis wield beloved Like A Virgin, Rebel Yell

Star Wars, E.T., Alien invaded pothead geeky minds

Gordon Gekko – all hail the god of greed (right Republicans?)

Less Than Zero – a glossy, sexy, pathetically vile PSA

Dune, The Hobbit, Valley of The Dolls

Which delusional print world do you prefer

Take on misogyny with badass shoulder pads

Remember HIV/AIDS is real – not just for the gays

Get tested, get rubbers and get wise right now

Washington lives in viral denial fog

Just Say No? Utterly brilliant (as if)

Hey Gorbachev,  bring that f*cking wall down