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Enough Rights

Sands of time have seized up

Must be waiting on someone’s rights

Right to live – as useless mouth breather

Right to die  – regardless of the cause

Enough sand on so-what-beaches

Smash the hourglass master now

Maim the rights and right-makers

Make ocean our undying justice

Battle friendly, daily and sail away!



Welfare splinters invaded my feet

I’m so hot and stubborn

No barrio zapatos for me  

Lead painted weathered porch

Once housed my childhood slivers

Barefooting cracked sidewalks – keep looking

Leaping to islands of shade

Elated with watered oasis

Even better – the daily dying of the sun

Cracked splintered and swollen little me

Loving East L.A. twilight jungle

I can smell the tacos, Tecate and unemployed

Washing my bad girl feet – quite thoroughly

Pobre ant-infested garden hose – you’re it

Mama, I need a towel! Mama, please now!

A bit of well deserved Mexican scolding

Adios, my Cholas, Chicanos and welfare winds

Inside to my beige and white welfare casa I go



My mouth is still very Latina

While my gringa brain says no

Citrus cucumber salad paprika and salt

Too acidic, says American noggin

Dulce de leche with coffee then?

No, no, no – eat an American apple please

Decadent, orgasmic chicharrones ?

But it’s a fat pig boiled in pig fat!

But I like my Chicana curves a lot

These babies need to be fed!

How about some nice sushi?

Cool, but you’re picking up the tab

Grasping Me

These hands are getting old

Once a brave grabber of frivolous joy

monkey bars, piñata treats – always more

Cute scruffy boys on asphalt grounds

Move on to more sinister quasi-adult

Some booze, smokes – legal and not

Cute loser bad boy – didn’t handle me well

These hands were too damn antsy then

Still  they look nice now to loving ones

Painted nails in silly girl manners

Screw my nonsensical wisdom tonight

Massage-scratch hybrid on my lover’s back

Today, my lively hands know how to act



Anything But

Give me no manicured man

No high-end lotion protecting his … damn

His power and life wielding hands

Give me no great orator – in love with his own voice

Spewing magic, dwindling words – dissipate

What’s your latest sin? Answer me that!

Projecting bleached smile and on cue you say,

I am a good Christian and the God lives in my house

Just one? I heard you have 2 or 3 domiciles – I mean homes 

Give me a soul who knows how to lose hard

Show me a man with the courage to speak plainly

I don’t know and I will strive to learn

Give me human being, nervous and loyal to us all

Come forward, I supplicate, anything but a politician



And oh how the poor die effectively

But not quietly, still forgettable

Patriotic pride via crisp uniform and salute

We dub you brave and good, go now

Altered mind births poison mission

Yesterday’s camera-ready soldier

Now a standard issue zombie

Avert eyes and feet – it’s best to avoid

Another no-name human lump

Tomorrow’s suicide killer – what a shame

Do you know his name, rank or unit?

Tweet, text or just forget away his corpse

Does the truthful stench bother you?

Put your Prada boots on his Arlington ground

Shameful America – it’s all your fault







Perspiring  cajeta, frijoles and amor

Bosom embraces equal motherly safety

Quiero mas, says my bipolar heart

Massage hands, back and core of who I am

Sweet and sour Mama – my first Niña love

Witness to rising falls and stagnation

Eyes laugh, cry and frightfully worry

So marred,  insightful views guide us

I won’t and can’t stand solely, I am yours

My tender breath – housed in maternal core

Gracias Querida Mama – my love is absolute