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Skin and face seem creepy, alien – why?

Lets murder the truthful mirror

Shouting – there was no suicide attempt!

It’s obvious, you ambulance idiots

That wretched mirror needed to die

Things are crawling around my scalp

Someone quickly, shave my infected head

Why restraints? It’s self-defense – my absolute right

Don’t ask me what happened today – gasp

Evil meds made me slow and boring – Adios doctor

You see, perfectly stable – until someone says hello





Convinced she is slight in every manner

She addresses the mocking treacherous tides

The thunderous, white cap bullies call to capture

Unnecessary, she will abandon the cruelty of land

Pummeled, engulfed and buoyed – savage travel  

One to millions of miles and blue – perfectly claimed

Walking feet touch only a briny surface and laugh

Slight yet wise land-dweller succumbs to more life

No singing siren or childish dolphin becomes her form

Waif becomes many towering immortal waves





Alone, engulfed in all that you mean

Like demonic song from a rabid cat

Try, then try harder to hear – no understanding

Please forgive my dull impotent efforts

Tearful cackles rise up from skin-covered psyche

End the aching bones and nerves, shout I  the groveler

Utter my name inept negotiator – whispers worthless, faceless

Shattering innards’ mirrors – only the warped ones

It’s me! Dear God, I am marred! A guilty gasp.

Take a profound breath –  It’s me who is bravely altered




Menacing doom races through all synapses

You can feel it everywhere – its coming

Minor pulse, then ghost of what was

Horror! Weightless opaque cloak engulfs all

Cosmic family abandons your eyes

Convinced that you are dead in darkness

Just pay the electric bill on time, you moron!

Savior, thy name is roommate

Prepared or not … you’re going – pobrecita

In nightgown or feisty girl jeans

Sandals born of ancient hands and eyes –  esta bien

Pebble infested city attack sandal/feet spaces!

Leap a plethora of ice cream painted buses – abuelita and me

El Centro offers respite, chorizo and bolillo pleas – yes, puppy dog beg 

More Torreon grime and pebbles produce Americana limps

Goodbye guilty leather upon innocent feet

Young girl toes wish to kiss Spanish tile dreams

Finish line – sacred courtyard with a cosmic lemon breeze



No one can call me delusional

Manipulation is being used on me

I faithfully give up my funds

Still, your hooded face won’t sing

Turn over you mechanical mockery

Oh, I’m terribly sorry dear

I forgot to put gas in the tank

Travel Via Punk

Abused lungs and throat ache, burn

After quasi-eternity of self-induced forever

The uppers and innards decide – fairly, angrily

Proper, kinder functions can return

Manic, willful extremities – guilty inciters  

Moving excessively, ignorantly

Organs revolted against freedom! Why?

What do you want from us?

We’re know-nothing know-it-all kid parts!

We’ll die if we can’t be soaring eagle free


Mission: Whatever

Primal urge at its height

Scheming then to passive plotting

And again to detailed scheming

No horse runs quicker than mind

Sneak until nemesis eyes capture

Pull off the unthreatening banter

Gentle trusting smile – casually chassé

Kenmore hums away trustingly – coveted target

Dear God! Chocolate truffles are all gone!

Familiar cackling arrows pierce my ears

New plan – treacherous journey to 7-11


Monumentally steep are the hills

In this San Francisco dream

Two steps – near impossible

And fear is murdered – happily up I go

Aged, respectable estate within reach

Sleepwalker ancients awake – somewhat   

Caught and sought is this Pacific surveyor

Whale carcass sighting – beginning of end

Escape lovely ancients – kindly, quickly

Descend to watery, gentle coffin

Touch the massive, exquisite death

The end is a peculiar northern end






These shoes are made of dirty clay

Run for joyous sticky endeavors

Run faster for vital domestic escape

Ignorant heels and toes talk freely

They care so little as time crawls by

Being little is hollow minus some pain

Shout, glare or slam blameless door

Trigger the required actors of war

Which triggers tiny sacred manic feet

Moves so instinctively fast – are there wings?

Earthly coating clings onto soles happily

Then predictably falls off – so reluctantly  

Survival in the beer stained park – contemplated

Defeated feet, legs and heart feel the answer

Return to horrid question mark

Pray for a quick end and real heavenly shoes