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Honest Parting

Drive away strife-laden shouter

Indicting silent dagger eyes aim away

Last heartfelt gift – enjoy, bitter one

Inept lips wish to birth a word – sorry

No doubt in the slightest, life-scraper

Sorry is the width and breadth of you




Enemy, Naturally

These trees are treacherous

In ominous nocturnal numbers

They screech to bipeds via willing owls

Prone to housing the creepy and crawly 

Awful barked giants well rooted in time

Perhaps I could be a mobile ally

Forget my proposed bark-skin truce

Logistically impossible trunk to climb




Logistical Objections

New and hearty PC – a costly lie

Motherboard spark, seizing betrayal

Trusty muse-clicking Remington typewriter 

Easily forgotten cursed yesterday ribbons

Fine crafted pen glides upon textured page

Now cornered by edits in doubting mind

Retro pencils complete with erasers

Heavy-handed verses snap away its maker

Worded genius only uttered to the Bard’s sky

Naturally, ungodly tempest protests such a launch

Perhaps simple thought won’t produce a tumor



He, she or some kind of questionable it

Will levitate into excessive circling clan

Youth fueled by noisy manic nothing

Emaciated nomad inhales their frivolity

Waste worshippers listen to the charming one 

Only mocking, all-knowing verses are uttered

Cliquish brains become fearful then forgetful 



Efficient Start

No opulent wealth or repulsive squalor

Just happily getting by in an awkward life

No engaging conversation or incoherent babble

Just a few moments of comfortable silence

No enraptured carnal sessions or averting voice and eyes

Perfection is a laughing, aching bed – perhaps more

No flawless idyllic union or horrid engulfing home 

Just the promise of honest eyes and voices

Enough meaningful talk – our sushi dinner calls





Bury the doubts that need to die

Very wise but no shovel for the task 

Permafrost soil objects to this plan 

Perhaps psychobabble cremation?

Scatter doubting ashes upon a shore

Or let the doubts go on humanely living

And I will prudently, rationally ignore them


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Medicated Words

Drink, more hard, allegedly creative drink!

Christian thoughts say NO

Although my hands are still atheist by nature

So many forms of immortality

They thoughtfully, suggestively call to me

Sculptures, paintings, music not quite suited for me

 When it comes to me, use absurdity

Seek obnoxiously penned verses

Eternity amongst humid pressed stacks of old and new, perhaps

When dead, I make a stubborn corpse

My stoic, fighting arms refuse to lie down in a laughing coffin

Weigh them down with my self-righteous writings

In remembrance of me, color what is left in sanctimonious colors

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Humid Night

Between receiving earth and laughing space

Molecular questions are raised

Exquisite freefalling droplets rife with intent

Rain battles then marries a terra floor heat

What mystic scent and coating nature indeed

Invading all with an aerial, magic will

Sinister friend – dear humid night


Children of Abraham

Seek peace for yourselves

Inhale pure celestial breezes

Listen for your human heart 

Exhale barbaric rage, vengeance

Amputate your wicked limb

Offer it to your wronged brother

Mourn every single loss

Of good and evil earth walkers

Of the unlabeled babies now gone

Of the stars and moon that witness all

Of the blood-soaked atheist ground   

Realize that you are all and nothing

Father Abraham has disowned you 







Bits And Pieces

I can’t remember

when body was good

when function was easy

when thoughts were clear

bits and pieces revolt – always

scalpel, pills and therapy again  – eternal

I want to remember

when I was visibly whole

when I was pain free

I want a perfect illusion –convincing

Please come – my lie in the mirror