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Strange Inhalation

Cemented, voiceless little speck awaits
Resenting white, shiny lovely prudence
Crooked grin says, reject righteous way
Coveting anxiously a forced scenario
On cue, obliging creature appears – with useful gift
Glares as soft as gravel on prison-bound road
Amused grasp takes a minor breath
No resistance, death or life
Simply mischievous prisoners remain
Naturally breathing through porous skin and mouths


Lived a thousand years ago
Then opted for today
Robustly feeble due to society
So divorce society, says absurd spider
Why is a spider in my segregated space?
No divorce – astral feet took astral steps
Forward all who seek opinion
The elegantly lost – lead into ordinary void
All swindled by the soul-sick – recover within
And judgment for myself – silent chuckles
Today I move to a low-rent universe


Plead to all deities in the sky
Panic rules over addicted nerves
Perhaps disconnect is viable – nonsense
Nemesis so crucially loved – without attachment
Where are you, please?
Invading all words in maddening search
Just call poor manic imbecile
Damn it all! Little Android gem in pocket all along

A plethora of laughable apologies
Though no wrong was ever done
Glaring eyes birthed from rubenesque form
Add the pouty mouth – speaking only truth
Honestly seeking decadent sustenance
Forgive and mockingly repeat – still undulating lifeform is coveted
Ambassador of yes will maim all detestable nos
Riders of the fence will utter fat and slutty whore
From there comes an ostentatious shriek filled with gluttony – reaffirming good things
Freedom is not for all – some prefer personal dungeon

No Absolute Box

Bicker so very politely
Emotional, somewhat valid utterances
No matter that logic is annoyingly subjective
Place all in a no absolute box
Liberal is bathing in a Godly heartfelt sun
Redneck mistaken for a racist drunk
Place yourself flawed brothers and sisters
In some others flawed place and skin
Truly, gun was never brandished or recovered
Yes, prone as commanded and done
Still uniformed screaming is heard
Arrest and worse become the new garb
Please wear his skin awhile in a darken dark

Earthly Fantasy

Meager mound wishes to be more – poor dear
Proud imposing pinnacle of something – blessed with up
It may be awful or bothersome to world
No matter, says the bump on the ground
Curse every foot that disregards its humble existence
A bit of growth to alien sky – how is this?
Once forgetful soil now beloved leafy green


Type to create upon a lawless screen
Writer’s transport glides via lovely fiction
Common air breathers consume it maniacally, coarsely
Happily cursed characters are appropriate – void of true sound
Without form or breathable truth – no dimension either
Yes, land walkers yearn to be run into exquisite paragraphs
Regardless, both sides may only dream

Willing Consumption

Ancient scents stubbornly bonded to waning present
Eternally supple undulating creatures – self announced
Treasured sirens plot passively, precisely
Exquisitely cruel are the takings and yet subtle
No love, nor like is factored in
Depravity in circular symphony restores more
Heightens then murders glorious senses
No subterfuge on either side in wrongful deeds

Educated Air

This sin has no form
It invades the air in whispering screams
Inciting incessantly old and young bodies
To fly into melodic frenzy wholeheartedly
Journey elsewhere – while still infected
Sinister carnage behind cordial face
Ruin and end the willing – gratefully willing
This sin has no form – only lovely teeth

Willingly submitting to monetary demand
Succumb if suggested to even more
Reach with fierce hands, arms – yes, yes please
Precious rock demigod sweat – baptize mortal beings
Swim in rasp, riffs and growls of genius
Wanton skin feels front man’s power
Not in a lover’s space or temporal way
Ogling recklessly, freely – targeting stage ruler
Succubus eyes, blessed treasured gift
Blown kiss and naughty wink released
Thus hedonistic marriage in fan’s dream