I mourn the death of the child in you

The child that played alone or with dirty kids

Amongst jealous trees and stickball lots

Plagued with dried foxtails invading your socks

You use to be happy, just hanging out

Today you’re addicted to so much crap

iPhone, iPad and other suspicious circuit dogma

Designer drinks here, Whole Foods there

Imported Mini boxes on tires with all the extras

Kardashian butt, see a stranger’s mirror

Think you need a new race? Or botched!

Better be wearing Prada, DKNY or Kors

Coach or D&G on your shoulder, of course

Stocks go up because they closed some more plants

Chinese slavery – that’s were the money’s at

American workers? I’m sure they’ll bounce back

You know that the kid version of you

Would kick your ass, slash your tires

Slash your clothes, rat you out on YouTube

To Mom and Dad, cousins, aunts and uncles

They would fervently tell you

You weren’t raised that way!

Church taught you better

Play by His rules idolatrous one!

Don’t hurt anybody with the choices you make

Is that kid alive? Is hope coming out?

Do CPR or start praying to God …. move forward

Promise to be better and trash all soulless junk!