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Congressmen, Senators … you’re not done yet!

You must witness the fruits of your labor thus earn your bribe!

See before you the puss filled limbs, tumor infestation upon that single mother’s exposed breasts – don’t they arouse you

There’s the 10 year old boy weighing 40 pounds – please excuse his pre-existing AIDS 

He’s asking you, will I be okay? ANSWER HIM!! Fine gentlemen, indeed!

Exits are blocked by the chronically ill, fluidly dying, and the ignorant poor.

This is not your home! This is OUR CAPITOL! And you must watch our end, move the corpses, before you leave this place. COUGH!



Environmentally assaulted in sunny rain poverty
Weathered green splinters awful – yet coveted
Where else do little chicas sit? Graffiti wall is for boys
Covered, shaded, maintained green
Perfect for adolescent trendy and tormentors alike 
Vacant classroom for freshman nomadic poor
Cruelty discovers another living place – soul breaking work
Pack of privilege climbers surveying the terrain
Mentally thrashing many from a lovely corporate park bench
I just want a paycheck, pleasantries and respect
Final class war comically ends here – spine, legs turn on me
Latina sits on smooth white plastic shower bench
I’m sure I prefer the splinters and weathered green


Fell several times on padded backside

Thus opened the door – unknowingly

Pins and needles, arrived – annoying 

It’s not slowing me down, says prideful self

Foolish choice, true to form – ignore, ignore

Months with aggressively violent guest

Invaded with numbness, weakness , pain

Medically tested and scanned – finally dubbed

Lumbar radiculopathy L-5 pinched nerve

Eviction of nuisance? Not easy but it will be done

Writer or symptoms – someone must move

My greatest non-human love

Consistently there from day 1

Stained by sorrowful tears

Bearing the brunt of raging limbs

Witness to pleasant and avant-garde dreams

Partner when the downs are my skin

How ill I am – you know all too well

Prompt up upon you now – writer writes

It’s tragic when I leave my bed


Wicked weakness, you engulfed me
Strange hands handled me
I didn’t know or want it
Awake and asleep .. possibly
Nightmare is real
Traitors are obsolete legs, feet
Stuttering mouth follows
Mind betrayal too? No! Make it end!
Memories, logic,  neglected words
Unjustly they turn away
Why did coma come visit me
Ah yes, culpable prescribed lithium

Bits And Pieces

I can’t remember

when body was good

when function was easy

when thoughts were clear

bits and pieces revolt – always

scalpel, pills and therapy again  – eternal

I want to remember

when I was visibly whole

when I was pain free

I want a perfect illusion –convincing

Please come – my lie in the mirror



The Enemy

Musculoskeletal protest – defiantly shout NO

Illogical chatter inside head – shut the hell the up 

Heart and skin terrified – no way to hide it

Play out possible scenarios – calmly, bravely

Fall, pain, injure even more –  So what? IED failed it’s job

No goddamn pity in public eyes – impossible, only national pride 

Enemy is gravity – walk soldier, walk hero

Mission: Whatever

Primal urge at its height

Scheming then to passive plotting

And again to detailed scheming

No horse runs quicker than mind

Sneak until nemesis eyes capture

Pull off the unthreatening banter

Gentle trusting smile – casually chassé

Kenmore hums away trustingly – coveted target

Dear God! Chocolate truffles are all gone!

Familiar cackling arrows pierce my ears

New plan – treacherous journey to 7-11


The Mechanics Of Movement

Wary are these toes

who access the threat below

Addicted to billowy, elevated solace

Still, loving bed must be left

True villain lies and was born within

Bilateral arthritic knees

Braces, cortisone, Vicodin dreams

Inhale all of dear arsenal

If only to roam a little free