Category: Humor

Perfect Little Lady

Unquenchable urge to run, play, fall and always be late

Baptismal mud, scraped knees and palms

Joyful little warrior child … cautious at home’s tricky door

Chuckles, disapproving glares, authoritative bellows

Domestic minefield has been traversed – go bathe 

No dolls, tea set or princess garb – bathwater is getting chocolate brown

Is wearing dress or skirt required in real world – specialized rules will apply

Self-ruler years pass, a plethora of debt is somewhat transferred and paid

Quite fierce Harley to work – Senate Floor … Blessed afterwards kickboxing poor sizeable victim


Pesky Thing

Old is routinely coming

It visits much too often

Understanding the need

The drive to radically alter

No surgeon, no makeup

Hair, nails pampering – allowed

Hello? They appear in mirror

Four facial criminals – Hair

Pretty nails proceed with plucking

All but one evicted – pesky thing

The Principled No

Beautifully virile troublemaker
Housed in fantasizing head
Therefore lives a secret yearning
Until a smile – in real life
Smile parts to issue flirtatious verses
Invitation for carnal fulfillment arrives
Walk through his temptation door
And then the ruin escapes his mouth
He’s a Democrat who voted for Trump!

Strange Inhalation

Cemented, voiceless little speck awaits
Resenting white, shiny lovely prudence
Crooked grin says, reject righteous way
Coveting anxiously a forced scenario
On cue, obliging creature appears – with useful gift
Glares as soft as gravel on prison-bound road
Amused grasp takes a minor breath
No resistance, death or life
Simply mischievous prisoners remain
Naturally breathing through porous skin and mouths

Lived a thousand years ago
Then opted for today
Robustly feeble due to society
So divorce society, says absurd spider
Why is a spider in my segregated space?
No divorce – astral feet took astral steps
Forward all who seek opinion
The elegantly lost – lead into ordinary void
All swindled by the soul-sick – recover within
And judgment for myself – silent chuckles
Today I move to a low-rent universe


Plead to all deities in the sky
Panic rules over addicted nerves
Perhaps disconnect is viable – nonsense
Nemesis so crucially loved – without attachment
Where are you, please?
Invading all words in maddening search
Just call poor manic imbecile
Damn it all! Little Android gem in pocket all along

A plethora of laughable apologies
Though no wrong was ever done
Glaring eyes birthed from rubenesque form
Add the pouty mouth – speaking only truth
Honestly seeking decadent sustenance
Forgive and mockingly repeat – still undulating lifeform is coveted
Ambassador of yes will maim all detestable nos
Riders of the fence will utter fat and slutty whore
From there comes an ostentatious shriek filled with gluttony – reaffirming good things
Freedom is not for all – some prefer personal dungeon

Enemy, Naturally

These trees are treacherous

In ominous nocturnal numbers

They screech to bipeds via willing owls

Prone to housing the creepy and crawly 

Awful barked giants well rooted in time

Perhaps I could be a mobile ally

Forget my proposed bark-skin truce

Logistically impossible trunk to climb




Logistical Objections

New and hearty PC – a costly lie

Motherboard spark, seizing betrayal

Trusty muse-clicking Remington typewriter 

Easily forgotten cursed yesterday ribbons

Fine crafted pen glides upon textured page

Now cornered by edits in doubting mind

Retro pencils complete with erasers

Heavy-handed verses snap away its maker

Worded genius only uttered to the Bard’s sky

Naturally, ungodly tempest protests such a launch

Perhaps simple thought won’t produce a tumor



Efficient Start

No opulent wealth or repulsive squalor

Just happily getting by in an awkward life

No engaging conversation or incoherent babble

Just a few moments of comfortable silence

No enraptured carnal sessions or averting voice and eyes

Perfection is a laughing, aching bed – perhaps more

No flawless idyllic union or horrid engulfing home 

Just the promise of honest eyes and voices

Enough meaningful talk – our sushi dinner calls