Category: Men

He’s So Dumb

Breakup – kind of rough

Slashed tires, smash windshield

Death came to a blameless ride

Grunting, yelling my name – Like Brando

I pensively look on – calmly chuckle

Cackling lunatic in shiny cop cuffs

By the way honey – it wasn’t my car


Harsh Abandonment

Ominous waves charge without opponents

Ten billion gallons of briny death

Designed to recede for all their noisemaking

Conquering brutish army – bloody splendor

Just homesick men coveting anything normal

Move on, warriors – become humans first

Souls in the wake of such bullies

Present the same useless query

Why and how were tactics acquired – harsh abandonment

Narcissistic callous lover taught this and other classes





Not A Brave Man

Assuredly ignorant yet arrogant face

Garbed in high-end falsehood

Spew your worldly domestic fables

Choke on a better man’s cigar

Accept – attention has shifted

Enter – a worthy, exquisitely flawed soul

Honest beauty is revealed via truth

I do not know – please help me learn

Vulnerable, willing and unafraid

Not a brave man – he knows no other way



Battled the Himalayas and won

Safaried amongst humbled kings

Bottled the cure to unremarkable living

And pontificated your genius to every camera and mic

Now here you are – lucky me

So sure that ours will be a Shakespearian affair

Happily, I’ll take the busboy home

Closer View


I’m a good dad and lots of people know!

Who do you need to convince?

I love my boy eternally.

In the emptiest possible way.

I want to do more for him.

And you can, but you won’t.

My boy’s doing very good.

Even though he questions his own breath.

He always says that he loves me. 

Yes, he does. What choice does he have?


Anonymously bought you a cupcake

Delivered with an endearing note

Sweets for a sweet-scented angelic rose

Gladly toiling two odoriferous jobs

For a moment of chance with you

In your sadness, his heart dies a little

In your joy, his soul is renewed

After finding courage, after years of fear

Kind life-maker utters, I live and die for you

Perfect love, berated by loveless cacklers

Head down and silent, both parted ways

A real woman would have said yes







Not here to berate you, really

Sure. The accident was unavoidable

No matter that it’s my only car

Of course you didn’t take my card

No need to mention that at all

You’re looking very dapper in that suit

Did you make it to the interview?

Oh, you didn’t know he was jobless?

No driver’s license or credit either, girl

I would definitely take off the ring

It came off his dead mother’s finger

Great engagement party, by the way



Not A Good Way

Absolutely freezing

Behind the velvet rope

Bloody ankles scream

Pray hard to get in

Obscenely priced drinks

Hot guys dancing, of course

With even hotter guys

Thunderous techno music

Kills all probing questions

Not a good way at all

To find a fast husband





Proper Friends

Benign and guarded friendship

Houses a suffocating flame

Always terribly cognizant of danger

of lingering looks into telling eyes

He wishes to murder politeness

Dispatch a full-hearted wanton kiss

Passionate fruition will not be entirely his

Sultry friend arrives with intent

Damn this proper friendship! I want more!





Water Ways

Believe that she means to harm you

Unwilling to utter no to her adventurous face

Undulations so insulting to in-control you

Salt-blooded fisherman stench and banter

permeates your land-lover brain

She cunningly becomes your watery mistress

Ocean dispatches a torrid fury for all weak

Honored, you’ll die below her murdered hull