Category: Mental Illness

Rising from your expletive business to my blameless hovel

Of course I hear your uncivil war – was that bone cracking

Nine-one-wretched-one … perhaps dropping weighted noise on battered floor?

Christian rock via giant woofers – Can that redirect his drunken rage?

Go on down steps, bang on door –ready for a projectile weapon.

Not so frail waif opens door – It’s eerily quiet with palpable reasons.

Bits of human liquid and innards not far from massive corpse of who cares

Sorry for the noise, utters tiny chance survivor, we were ill but I am now well


Writer’s Obligation

Pencil to paper … why did it snap
Pen to paper … mistake, error .. can’t erase
Angry, salty moisture on my face
Just type, you lost writer … what is it again
Your eulogy, says a sleeping me to a weakling
Wake up, wake up alive, feeling heartbeats..mine
Shout out loud … I am good at wanting more!
Selfish, generous, hungry for wild sparks
Too late, settle down and breathe in your years
So wrong for wanting wild chaos in pouring rain
That was another hungry manic time and place
What am I doing here? Ah yes, in case she dies
Eulogy for bipolar face – when she’s off her meds
She’s amazing but I can write!

Critically Free

You, my third biological factor
Ingrained and embedded – not welcomed
Loathing silently, wretched decades
Sweetness at the forefront – for outward consumption
Still under dark questions and darker answers
Don’t leave me, fear. Things happen, fear.
Oh yes, you’re my neurological pest and partner
How do I emaciate you? Erase harsh truth from any consideration?
I prefer to kill my ignorant fool – Hello again, frightened Me.

Now Is Screaming

There is now, there is now
Repeat, believe … that there is now
But now is fleeting except to the dust
That dust lies on furnishings, floor without before
It was there yesterday, today and now .. why?
Haven’t swept it away in any of my now moments
There is now to sweep, mop, wipe … clean
I loathe this concept of now, now is screaming

The Poet Is Off

I am not good nor evil
Right or wrong
Relevant ? I suppose only to me
I do not curse or bless him or her
I retain bits of moments … confetti in weight
Enriching? Perhaps but not lasting
Why ask at all? Are you the elusive Care?
Learned? I learn many useless and useful things
What I want is what world won’t give
Far too boring for the masses
Consideration for coveted membership
And please more human … less race

My greatest non-human love

Consistently there from day 1

Stained by sorrowful tears

Bearing the brunt of raging limbs

Witness to pleasant and avant-garde dreams

Partner when the downs are my skin

How ill I am – you know all too well

Prompt up upon you now – writer writes

It’s tragic when I leave my bed


Wicked weakness, you engulfed me
Strange hands handled me
I didn’t know or want it
Awake and asleep .. possibly
Nightmare is real
Traitors are obsolete legs, feet
Stuttering mouth follows
Mind betrayal too? No! Make it end!
Memories, logic,  neglected words
Unjustly they turn away
Why did coma come visit me
Ah yes, culpable prescribed lithium

Safely Within

Vile monster begins a journey
Craw through skin to crippled brain
Wrongfully exquisite carnal cells – scatter, scatter
Eviction so unlawful – work new angle
Blessed fornication upon no one’s bed
No heated skin, no pounding heart
No lover or lover’s passionate utterances
Nothing at all – in the physical realm
All glorious hedonistic endeavors – safely within

Nocturnal Scene

Married to wretched Toss
Then stalked by determined Turn
Dutifully mocking mattress
She passively witnesses – chuckling
No one addressing the truth
Inner rules out – tormented laughter
Inviting all tunes, tears and questions
Pharmaceutical calm breaks up the party

Pronounced are needed scars
Emitting melodic and purposeful screams
Guilty mind and skin do relish reasons
Onto foreign states of riddles – small imposing steps
Attack, attack someone – no one is willing
Last battling resorts are loathsome – do it
Engage blameless kin – they’ll forgive
Or succumb to subservient self harm