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Laugh, laugh and perhaps cackle a bit – the one who knows
Go on and confiscate all means of support
Collect, disseminate then ignore all common treasures
Lively innards may fail still – no matter for next phase
Rural stump or urban curb – momentary al fresco domicile
Sleep into ethereal freedom – farewell earthly encumbrances
Laugh a little (because I’m somewhat petty) and smile


Hard Way Home

Saw final light coming in a clear blue American sky
Stood ready to meet my Maker – gaze at God’s pure blue
Anxious to talk to Him – rid me of human pain
Not yet – eternal babies cry at my feet
Embracing them in pure innocent love – eyes closed
All was death white then infinitesimal incineration fell
Our bodies were no more, Father’s love gave us form
Through Light we eternally learn – all human possibilities
The eternal babies play and run – freedom serve as arms, feet
Glance at God shedding a tear He spoke softly
Turn away from earthly ruins below – it is not you
Sleep without worry – you found your way home

Sanitized licentiousness and savagery – promised by forked tongue
What else is in the deal? Stars, moon? Eternal forgiveness … yes
And when the music stops with wet blood upon hands
Avert all eyes so easily and accuse a beloved soul
The masses misdirected. Doggerel verses dancing on tongues, in heads
Blameless, all are blameless – still punishment is doled out
He, she, black and brown spoke sass loudly – qualifications are met!
We were ordered. Fear? yes, of course and there was the matter of a promise
Everyone knows the wind was high and the promise loves to fly

Preferences in numbered ambiguities
Only for some not all
Centuries of bloated, pompous ramblings –
Speak through a well hearted head!
Were we always free to worship God, firearms and poisonous wealth
Yes, in quiet corners, behind shut doors
Don’t quote me on that –
this press is not free and that relic is illegible
Idolaters of weaponry seated at gilded tables –
roles are reversed
Well-manicured turncoats covet your guilty steal –
Listen … they are laughing
Shall they search and seize your neighbor’s home –
Help is a fool’s dream
Nationless human beings –
take one million gasps, humbly head south to disputed land 

Poorly Welcomed

Nothing. Eyes say nothing to blind soul

No valuables at first glance – look closer and simpler

Ears receive laughable gibberish

Poor eyesore noise maker … just go away

Wait! Papers, name, residence .. English, lousy jihadist!

Isis getup. Guilty – all over you! Cry louder sand man!

Enough regulated hate to stifle an American dream

He, she and we are free! Turn away our Jesus because he’s from the middle east?

No peace without Him – kneel with humility and reverence




I mourn the death of the child in you

The child that played alone or with dirty kids

Amongst jealous trees and stickball lots

Plagued with dried foxtails invading your socks

You use to be happy, just hanging out

Today you’re addicted to so much crap

iPhone, iPad and other suspicious circuit dogma

Designer drinks here, Whole Foods there

Imported Mini boxes on tires with all the extras

Kardashian butt, see a stranger’s mirror

Think you need a new race? Or botched!

Better be wearing Prada, DKNY or Kors

Coach or D&G on your shoulder, of course

Stocks go up because they closed some more plants

Chinese slavery – that’s were the money’s at

American workers? I’m sure they’ll bounce back

You know that the kid version of you

Would kick your ass, slash your tires

Slash your clothes, rat you out on YouTube

To Mom and Dad, cousins, aunts and uncles

They would fervently tell you

You weren’t raised that way!

Church taught you better

Play by His rules idolatrous one!

Don’t hurt anybody with the choices you make

Is that kid alive? Is hope coming out?

Do CPR or start praying to God …. move forward

Promise to be better and trash all soulless junk!


Children of Abraham

Seek peace for yourselves

Inhale pure celestial breezes

Listen for your human heart 

Exhale barbaric rage, vengeance

Amputate your wicked limb

Offer it to your wronged brother

Mourn every single loss

Of good and evil earth walkers

Of the unlabeled babies now gone

Of the stars and moon that witness all

Of the blood-soaked atheist ground   

Realize that you are all and nothing

Father Abraham has disowned you 







Rejecting the body, thoughts and purpose

Transformation – yes, temporally reversed  

Extraordinarily insignificant bits of brilliance

I close my simple eyes and become something else

Happy paint dripping, dancing upon Pollack’s modern life

Lungs – engulfing Earhart’s desegregated clouds

Rebellious, pointless garb and armor – Godly Joan d’Arc

Whorish gold leafs – Klimt’s self-serving sacred dreams

Faithful shoes of a moving fighter – Queen Tubman

Frida’s lovers combative brush, laughing bottle

Homespun draped upon a giant holy man – Gandhi disagrees

Eyes open reluctantly, slowly – why do it at all?

All yesterday’s gods and goddesses – demand fearless action










Alone, engulfed in all that you mean

Like demonic song from a rabid cat

Try, then try harder to hear – no understanding

Please forgive my dull impotent efforts

Tearful cackles rise up from skin-covered psyche

End the aching bones and nerves, shout I  the groveler

Utter my name inept negotiator – whispers worthless, faceless

Shattering innards’ mirrors – only the warped ones

It’s me! Dear God, I am marred! A guilty gasp.

Take a profound breath –  It’s me who is bravely altered




Anything But

Give me no manicured man

No high-end lotion protecting his … damn

His power and life wielding hands

Give me no great orator – in love with his own voice

Spewing magic, dwindling words – dissipate

What’s your latest sin? Answer me that!

Projecting bleached smile and on cue you say,

I am a good Christian and the God lives in my house

Just one? I heard you have 2 or 3 domiciles – I mean homes 

Give me a soul who knows how to lose hard

Show me a man with the courage to speak plainly

I don’t know and I will strive to learn

Give me human being, nervous and loyal to us all

Come forward, I supplicate, anything but a politician