Category: Seasons

With blazing splendor, ostentatious noise .. is this really our hope
Conjured excitement or perhaps programmed response
Happy humans in earshot – smile, laugh, leap into a ridiculous atmosphere
Heart and mind are worshipping the cold newness of their sky
Exposed hands protest the tundra treatment – arthritic rudeness equals end
Scuttling, embracing and predictions in full view – for lunar-earth summation
Nonetheless, Birth the androgynous child – named two-thousand seventeen


The Elements

Joy of adorned paper torn and crumpled
In treasured corners they lay
Empty boxes too pleasing to discard
Thank you for guarding the gifts
Printed well wishes of joy and sentiment
Merriment filled memories, the sacred goal? Yes?
All charming and lovely, still I want more
My blessed hand in yours is housed perfection
All other elements stand behind My Love

Childish windswept summer sands spoke freely

I heard them a million steps back – not forward

Uttering riddled verses with mixed human plots

Touch with more future than hand – and you won’t

See with more illusion than eyes – the sun is blinding

Accuse your excuses of stifling your waywardness

Laugh to the height of ridiculousness – in front of all

Thank some deity for the gift of being frivolously lost






Foolish Admiration

Strolling about taunting hills

Void of proper sidewalks and security

So rife with apparent desolation

birch, elm and other leafless beings

Foreign souls tend to maniacally  dance

Above … astronautically above

Then recklessly dive below

Beautiful silent icy ponds – dubbed egrets’ home

Pass these vacant streets

Pass those mocking hills

Pass this winter blue eastern world

Patiently awaits an ignorant mistress – silly poet

Who’s only companions are gulls and briny breezes


In A World …

In a world of brisk

I, You and We are

Layered in chilled charming

Embraces are more tender

Faces and hands become

Recipients of far more love

In a world of damn near freezing

the rightful inappropriateness

Of these silly poetic words

Become the battle cry of the day


The Advancing End

Caches of cookies, chocolate and sparkling cider

Throughout happy kitchen cubbies

Signaling the advancing end of winter daze

Hardwood floor showered by Noble Fir needles

Yesterday’s elated hearts and minds

Tentatively accept the loss of magical air

One will blink or rise or be jolted

By the whisper death of the holiday season



Clean Cool Stillness

Play out north shore winter postcard

Slightly, strangely shifting ice

Blanketed by curious freezing frost

Gritty grains of summer frolics

Hibernate beneath happy white coats

Risking chilled-toe injury

Walkers inhale the clean cool stillness

Then retreat to rosy cheek hearth







She left you at Christmas – this may work out well

Threw her gift back at you – you saved all year to buy

She tweeted her absolute disgust and alleged betrayal

With last season’s Jimmy Choo shoes – is she high?

She fiercely demanded to all your friends  – parents too

She won’t be attending any party you’re in

Thunderous joy echoed amongst your people/crowd

Happily, you made the holiday social rounds

Hot little elves ass-grabbing, twerking, body shots galore

Broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram  

To assure your ex (frosty snow bitch) knows what time it is

Sure enough, she’s texting you and everyone else, rapid fire

I miss you, baby. Can I come back home? 🙂

Answer: No. I’m having a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Frosty Expedition

Arrogant naked feet

Immersed –  exquisite white hell

10 to 20 steps to carpet salvation!

Terror strikes unobservant heart!

Where’s the damn paper!

Cold Religion

On a crisp, frosted morn

Salvation manifestations appear

in coffee, quilt, flannel, sock forms

Exposed toes risk ungodly pain

Slight drafts are viciously loathed

Claiming, guarding warm spots

in sacredly housed bedding

Forget the near-death frozen ones

If you wish to be less than human