Category: Violence

Rising from your expletive business to my blameless hovel

Of course I hear your uncivil war – was that bone cracking

Nine-one-wretched-one … perhaps dropping weighted noise on battered floor?

Christian rock via giant woofers – Can that redirect his drunken rage?

Go on down steps, bang on door –ready for a projectile weapon.

Not so frail waif opens door – It’s eerily quiet with palpable reasons.

Bits of human liquid and innards not far from massive corpse of who cares

Sorry for the noise, utters tiny chance survivor, we were ill but I am now well


Hard Way Home

Saw final light coming in a clear blue American sky
Stood ready to meet my Maker – gaze at God’s pure blue
Anxious to talk to Him – rid me of human pain
Not yet – eternal babies cry at my feet
Embracing them in pure innocent love – eyes closed
All was death white then infinitesimal incineration fell
Our bodies were no more, Father’s love gave us form
Through Light we eternally learn – all human possibilities
The eternal babies play and run – freedom serve as arms, feet
Glance at God shedding a tear He spoke softly
Turn away from earthly ruins below – it is not you
Sleep without worry – you found your way home

Sanitized licentiousness and savagery – promised by forked tongue
What else is in the deal? Stars, moon? Eternal forgiveness … yes
And when the music stops with wet blood upon hands
Avert all eyes so easily and accuse a beloved soul
The masses misdirected. Doggerel verses dancing on tongues, in heads
Blameless, all are blameless – still punishment is doled out
He, she, black and brown spoke sass loudly – qualifications are met!
We were ordered. Fear? yes, of course and there was the matter of a promise
Everyone knows the wind was high and the promise loves to fly

Slight Detour

Your words, my words – projectile weapons
Nothing heard above the noise
Once weathered laborious handsome face
Long ago was that opposition – smooth, poised grace
Now hate painted rivals panting, hiding uselessly
Lunge, parry, growl fiercely and lunge
Either side winning? Both hopelessly lost
No victory when sole purpose is gone – ignore the thought
Find alternate route! Shed all armour, open human eyes
Walk purposely towards dangerous, suspicious side
Shout, Forgive Me Brother and Sister in truth
Shout louder, Should my death bring you peace kill me now
No ending … the newness of peace frightens more

Bible thumping demons
Claiming their dusty plains
Consuming righteous thistles
And terrorizing godly souls
Confederate shit-kicking drunkenness
Washes away all social blame
Except slowly-dying battered spouses
Happy dispatcher of bullet to useless head

No Absolute Box

Bicker so very politely
Emotional, somewhat valid utterances
No matter that logic is annoyingly subjective
Place all in a no absolute box
Liberal is bathing in a Godly heartfelt sun
Redneck mistaken for a racist drunk
Place yourself flawed brothers and sisters
In some others flawed place and skin
Truly, gun was never brandished or recovered
Yes, prone as commanded and done
Still uniformed screaming is heard
Arrest and worse become the new garb
Please wear his skin awhile in a darken dark

Pronounced are needed scars
Emitting melodic and purposeful screams
Guilty mind and skin do relish reasons
Onto foreign states of riddles – small imposing steps
Attack, attack someone – no one is willing
Last battling resorts are loathsome – do it
Engage blameless kin – they’ll forgive
Or succumb to subservient self harm


Children of Abraham

Seek peace for yourselves

Inhale pure celestial breezes

Listen for your human heart 

Exhale barbaric rage, vengeance

Amputate your wicked limb

Offer it to your wronged brother

Mourn every single loss

Of good and evil earth walkers

Of the unlabeled babies now gone

Of the stars and moon that witness all

Of the blood-soaked atheist ground   

Realize that you are all and nothing

Father Abraham has disowned you 







He’s So Dumb

Breakup – kind of rough

Slashed tires, smash windshield

Death came to a blameless ride

Grunting, yelling my name – Like Brando

I pensively look on – calmly chuckle

Cackling lunatic in shiny cop cuffs

By the way honey – it wasn’t my car

Good Bite

Eat, grimace, spew and spew again

Corrupt minded poison – solitary sustenance

Self-injured senses await a justly lynching 

Boggy soil supplicates – cease blood poisoning

Expunge phantom anger, alleged war – swallow tears

Murder the charming ugly monster within – enemy

Gratefully pay whatever price – sleep soundly at last

Eat at the good table with proud faces abound

Break down a little bit and take a good bite