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Rising from your expletive business to my blameless hovel

Of course I hear your uncivil war – was that bone cracking

Nine-one-wretched-one … perhaps dropping weighted noise on battered floor?

Christian rock via giant woofers – Can that redirect his drunken rage?

Go on down steps, bang on door –ready for a projectile weapon.

Not so frail waif opens door – It’s eerily quiet with palpable reasons.

Bits of human liquid and innards not far from massive corpse of who cares

Sorry for the noise, utters tiny chance survivor, we were ill but I am now well


Fortunately Wronged

A plethora of laughable apologies
Though no wrong was ever done
Glaring eyes birthed from rubenesque form
Add the pouty mouth – speaking only truth
Honestly seeking decadent sustenance
Forgive and mockingly repeat – still undulating lifeform is coveted
Ambassador of yes will maim all detestable nos
Riders of the fence will utter fat and slutty whore
From there comes an ostentatious shriek filled with gluttony – reaffirming good things
Freedom is not for all – some prefer personal dungeon

He’s So Dumb

Breakup – kind of rough

Slashed tires, smash windshield

Death came to a blameless ride

Grunting, yelling my name – Like Brando

I pensively look on – calmly chuckle

Cackling lunatic in shiny cop cuffs

By the way honey – it wasn’t my car


Piquing of flirty interest

Genesis of more seeps into mind

Happily annoyed eyes and mouth

Look towards a could-be path 

Restrained smile – maybe carnal win

Touch of cowardice – damn hesitation

Coquettish siren is departing – no matter 

Husband claimed her before your looks



Grasping Me

These hands are getting old

Once a brave grabber of frivolous joy

monkey bars, piñata treats – always more

Cute scruffy boys on asphalt grounds

Move on to more sinister quasi-adult

Some booze, smokes – legal and not

Cute loser bad boy – didn’t handle me well

These hands were too damn antsy then

Still  they look nice now to loving ones

Painted nails in silly girl manners

Screw my nonsensical wisdom tonight

Massage-scratch hybrid on my lover’s back

Today, my lively hands know how to act



Perspiring  cajeta, frijoles and amor

Bosom embraces equal motherly safety

Quiero mas, says my bipolar heart

Massage hands, back and core of who I am

Sweet and sour Mama – my first Niña love

Witness to rising falls and stagnation

Eyes laugh, cry and frightfully worry

So marred,  insightful views guide us

I won’t and can’t stand solely, I am yours

My tender breath – housed in maternal core

Gracias Querida Mama – my love is absolute





Harsh Abandonment

Ominous waves charge without opponents

Ten billion gallons of briny death

Designed to recede for all their noisemaking

Conquering brutish army – bloody splendor

Just homesick men coveting anything normal

Move on, warriors – become humans first

Souls in the wake of such bullies

Present the same useless query

Why and how were tactics acquired – harsh abandonment

Narcissistic callous lover taught this and other classes





Not Aesthetically Pleasing

Not terribly aesthetic pleasing – please forgive

In truth, somewhat riddled and off kilter

She’s audibly robust to a fault – no shrills

Subtlety is a fallacy in her multifaceted mind

Shying away – a step towards the end

Like the globe – rife with well-rounded ventures

Like the moon – moves her lover’s nocturnal tides

Never will she fit in – she’s her own universe

She is obviously fat and not aesthetically pleasing

Also noticed and sought out by her altered people

Hail Priestess of the Blessed Nonconformists!







Battled the Himalayas and won

Safaried amongst humbled kings

Bottled the cure to unremarkable living

And pontificated your genius to every camera and mic

Now here you are – lucky me

So sure that ours will be a Shakespearian affair

Happily, I’ll take the busboy home


Turn back smile that is today

Manipulate, control, rage and violence

Her words and status

Of horrid survival – yesterday

Far back yesterday

Coated with ups and terrifying downs

Psychotic mother hands

Wielding soul maiming tool

Some sort of cord – across bottom and thighs

During sleep – there is no sleep

Running after her speeding car

Please don’t leave me

She left me – for tear-stained hours

Enough, enough of this, says culprit

You still don’t forgive me?

Of course, I do – so much bigger than you

Massive silence – of love or anger

Is the extension cord I use – on you today