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Pull them back, for Christ sake!

Those cherished curtains that hide your wizard

Let us see the reason for your disconnect

Haven’t really seen your wife for about 100 years

Beloved son prefers the company of older gentlemen

Charming daughter vomits 15 times a day

Public life? Pro-life, of course. Then pays mistress’ abortion

So very ugly underneath those masks?

Is that what you really think?

God forbid that you should be flawed!

Slightly flawed? Not at all. Just naked human.


Time Marches On

Narcistic power brokers wish to go back in time

Land of only dress donning ladies

World of patronized and abused colored, queer and poor

Where cookie cutter suburbs shelter accepted monsters

Image is paramount and protected at any cost

Let the silent stay silent, say the Grover Norquists of today

Suppress the vote, your solution? How un-American

True patriots wait for hours to let their voices be heard

 Truth seekers see the world for what it is

A child is dying

He’s been beaten too much

A black child is dead

Gun-downed down by neighborhood watch

A white child is dying

Mama feeds him too much

A Hispanic child is dead

Witnessed border town murders

And didn’t run fast enough

Children are dead

Found loaded pistols in a shoebox

Children are dead or dying!

Can you feel it right now?

Sure, you have rights

Your rights are dead wrong

It is all our faults.

How can we live with that?

Republican Convention

Isaac, dear Isaac, born in wonderment

Defying logic, still you became

Such is the idolator-crushing storm, in your name

Loud and Clear messenger of Godly intent

Hammering houses of ill-gotten gains

Lovely torrents bombard morally corrupt venues

This happens, when false deities unite to spew  false values

Voice of the needy, poor and drowning, absent

Such a voice is silenced by such noble statesmens

In man-made void,  will rise God’s voice

Have a pleasant Republican Convention