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Envy – No

Rest assured there is no envy
So many others – unfathomably free
Laughing at your quaintly furnished cell
Walk with your feet, clumsy giant trembles
Seek good shelter, tramp of a leader
Unplug all digital this and that –  dispatchers of betrayal
Very mean doggerel, shouts a lost underling
What is doggerel?  In charge is insanely stupid
All workings of mischievous hands and eyes
Guarantees have guarantors’ backing – too old to care
How does mouse become lion? Roar elected joke


Leave Me Behind

Vanquish me from this modern story

Made up of recycled commerce sheen

Intently worded and laser colored

By up and coming learned youths

My skin and spirit is cynically weathered

My feet seek comfort not trend

Cast me into lazy billowy bedding

Arm me with palpable musty books

Penned by crazed brilliant minds

Future leaders are too arrogant and glossy

All geniuses know they are profoundly lost

Beautiful Blood

*** Disclaimer: This is not about me. ***

Lovely swelling is going down

Exquisite tears are wiped away

Convincingly saying, I love you

Embrace a monster as I rapidly shoot

Hatred through my tainted eyes

Killing you nightly in sickly mind

Please forgive the abortion of us

Unafraid of dying when living is so cruel

Your coffin is a comforting bed

Good life is currently indisposed

The Unquestioning Follower

There is little compensation for my labor

Too many attachments with little solace

Am I full of regret?

No. For I, the responsible citizen

Do hold it cynically all together

My dignity, my position, my cigarette,

and my unforgiving hardened whiskey

All neatly tucked away

In the recesses of my salty soul

It is this or the unemployment (thus unloved) line

I must choose this, says the agreeable coward

There is more dignity to die of stress than of laziness

I am the good citizen, yes, please label me that

I have the good head on my good shoulders

the unquestioning follower of clueless men

Do I not fit into your equation?

I can contort what is left of me, if you like.