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Hard Way Home

Saw final light coming in a clear blue American sky
Stood ready to meet my Maker – gaze at God’s pure blue
Anxious to talk to Him – rid me of human pain
Not yet – eternal babies cry at my feet
Embracing them in pure innocent love – eyes closed
All was death white then infinitesimal incineration fell
Our bodies were no more, Father’s love gave us form
Through Light we eternally learn – all human possibilities
The eternal babies play and run – freedom serve as arms, feet
Glance at God shedding a tear He spoke softly
Turn away from earthly ruins below – it is not you
Sleep without worry – you found your way home



Children of Abraham

Seek peace for yourselves

Inhale pure celestial breezes

Listen for your human heart 

Exhale barbaric rage, vengeance

Amputate your wicked limb

Offer it to your wronged brother

Mourn every single loss

Of good and evil earth walkers

Of the unlabeled babies now gone

Of the stars and moon that witness all

Of the blood-soaked atheist ground   

Realize that you are all and nothing

Father Abraham has disowned you 








These shoes are made of dirty clay

Run for joyous sticky endeavors

Run faster for vital domestic escape

Ignorant heels and toes talk freely

They care so little as time crawls by

Being little is hollow minus some pain

Shout, glare or slam blameless door

Trigger the required actors of war

Which triggers tiny sacred manic feet

Moves so instinctively fast – are there wings?

Earthly coating clings onto soles happily

Then predictably falls off – so reluctantly  

Survival in the beer stained park – contemplated

Defeated feet, legs and heart feel the answer

Return to horrid question mark

Pray for a quick end and real heavenly shoes




Right to protect my home

Was going hurt the family

Yes, I was afraid

Such words won’t restore

Gaping hole in child’s head

Face in the mirror will be

Armed protector of none

Ghostly little one utters

Why daddy. Was it my fault? 

Sentence is ringing options

You could have dialed 911




Final Home

Awkwardly clutching the womanly shell

housing womb laden with cooing dreams

Tears not coming to justify longing

Silent heartache fills hollowness

Merciful gurgling, button-nose cherub

Bestows all her silly and mischievous smiles

Motherly love is released like a flood

Wires and monitors announce distress

Sweet angel beckons her true-hearted Mama

As mortals valiantly try to revive

Celestial Father and eternal daughter

Release the sadness, longing and doubt

Completely whole is the final home





Water Ways

Believe that she means to harm you

Unwilling to utter no to her adventurous face

Undulations so insulting to in-control you

Salt-blooded fisherman stench and banter

permeates your land-lover brain

She cunningly becomes your watery mistress

Ocean dispatches a torrid fury for all weak

Honored, you’ll die below her murdered hull


Garbed in global swank

Illuminated by techno sheen

Entourage is so much less

trust fund babies and tail coat riders

The ‘help’ have second jobs

working Christmas and New Years Day

Live all you can, kind Idolater

Well heeled and no paid advocate

You’re going straight to ghetto hell

Nose annoyingly bulbous

Voice is idiotically loud

Intellect? He can’t even spell it

Still, his big-hearted image

delivers infectious laughter

Kind eyes look on like a child

Demeanor is as real as life

Never a cunning liar or evildoer

Always the loyal protector

Who suffers and says nothing

His ridiculous breath exits forever

Our supplications, he won’t comply

Unfair world is painfully wronged

Colorful birds refuse to fly





Poison River

Resentful eyes fiercely stalk

Ethnic dignity stoutly marches

Corrupting more is shouted

Unreasonably aching, monstrous arms

wield hate weapons pathetically

Smiling, battered targets whole-hearted utter

Love and forgiveness is yours completely

Thus come the furious death blows

Unrecognizable human corpses

Rise cleansed and entirely free

Agents of hateful sin and colored envy

Blindly anchored to viciousness

Succinctly plummeting into poison river






Waking upon a nothing bed

Brushing translucent teeth

Combing non-resistant hair

Dressing in weightless garb

Consuming tasteless sustenance

Now where is the living door?

These pointless acts are everything

Now that you’re ignorantly dead

What will you do with your life?