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Rising from your expletive business to my blameless hovel

Of course I hear your uncivil war – was that bone cracking

Nine-one-wretched-one … perhaps dropping weighted noise on battered floor?

Christian rock via giant woofers – Can that redirect his drunken rage?

Go on down steps, bang on door –ready for a projectile weapon.

Not so frail waif opens door – It’s eerily quiet with palpable reasons.

Bits of human liquid and innards not far from massive corpse of who cares

Sorry for the noise, utters tiny chance survivor, we were ill but I am now well


Bible thumping demons
Claiming their dusty plains
Consuming righteous thistles
And terrorizing godly souls
Confederate shit-kicking drunkenness
Washes away all social blame
Except slowly-dying battered spouses
Happy dispatcher of bullet to useless head


Turn back smile that is today

Manipulate, control, rage and violence

Her words and status

Of horrid survival – yesterday

Far back yesterday

Coated with ups and terrifying downs

Psychotic mother hands

Wielding soul maiming tool

Some sort of cord – across bottom and thighs

During sleep – there is no sleep

Running after her speeding car

Please don’t leave me

She left me – for tear-stained hours

Enough, enough of this, says culprit

You still don’t forgive me?

Of course, I do – so much bigger than you

Massive silence – of love or anger

Is the extension cord I use – on you today

Respond in the affirmative!

It’s an order. Not a request!

Worthless, stubborn problem

He demands, yes, yes, yes

Respond in the affirmative!

It’s all you ever had to do

Tell him that you madly love him

Just a trillion and one times

He needs it even beyond the grave

Ignore the welts and bruises?

Whimper it beyond broken tears,

wailing throat and selfish pride

Say yes to crazy love housed in forever

Before he tragically ends you both

Defiantly smiling, you said no, forever.

Beautiful Blood

*** Disclaimer: This is not about me. ***

Lovely swelling is going down

Exquisite tears are wiped away

Convincingly saying, I love you

Embrace a monster as I rapidly shoot

Hatred through my tainted eyes

Killing you nightly in sickly mind

Please forgive the abortion of us

Unafraid of dying when living is so cruel

Your coffin is a comforting bed

Good life is currently indisposed


This is not to solve your problems

This is not your turn to speak

This is not a lesson to make you better

This is entirely about a battered me

This is the scar you gave me

This is the heart you broke

This is about my decimated rights

To leave you without being choked

You’re a bastard and I’m a fool

But fools can change and this one did

If you ever even think of coming near me

You’ll find out, I have a great aim

No Tears

*Disclosure: This poem is not about me. So don’t worry. I am quite loved and not in trouble.

Poor, soul-crippled dweller of a painful stucco box

All your walls are mocking white and void of life-affirming pictures

Tan carpet is the only witness to violent days and nights

Once-loved human hammer lives in rage and likes it

Murder is never his goal, she knows

Maker of fear is the title he covets

Never a right response to his bull shit inquiries

Life threatening blows always come

The nightly questions looms. Can I kill him or kill us both or run?

Truth is, there is no strength to do anything

She has no one. He made sure of that

Her death-awaiting, battered form beds down by monster’s side

No standard tears this time, all have been shed.


Your persistence would be laughable

If it wasn’t so thick with pain

One Thousand verbal assaults

Two Thousand bruises, so far

Still you come to me with your shame

Contrition is an act not a garb to wear

I am tired of being a dying fool

No standing still

I sport stubborn feet

And If you finally murder me

No more will I act in your satanic play

In the end, You will be

Loveless and Encased in Solitude