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Preferences in numbered ambiguities
Only for some not all
Centuries of bloated, pompous ramblings –
Speak through a well hearted head!
Were we always free to worship God, firearms and poisonous wealth
Yes, in quiet corners, behind shut doors
Don’t quote me on that –
this press is not free and that relic is illegible
Idolaters of weaponry seated at gilded tables –
roles are reversed
Well-manicured turncoats covet your guilty steal –
Listen … they are laughing
Shall they search and seize your neighbor’s home –
Help is a fool’s dream
Nationless human beings –
take one million gasps, humbly head south to disputed land 



There’s a nude beauty on the bed

Gazing at you without a word

There’s a purposeful moment in a chapel

There’s a perfectly round bump

Inciting kisses and silly talk

Panting and pain invading all hearts

Motherly labor births a perfect love

There’s your wife and your son

Splashing silly bubbles in a happy tub

Awake for the sake of honesty

Your beauty sits alone over there

Hurry up before you lose her. Act!







Leave Me Behind

Vanquish me from this modern story

Made up of recycled commerce sheen

Intently worded and laser colored

By up and coming learned youths

My skin and spirit is cynically weathered

My feet seek comfort not trend

Cast me into lazy billowy bedding

Arm me with palpable musty books

Penned by crazed brilliant minds

Future leaders are too arrogant and glossy

All geniuses know they are profoundly lost