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Hard Way Home

Saw final light coming in a clear blue American sky
Stood ready to meet my Maker – gaze at God’s pure blue
Anxious to talk to Him – rid me of human pain
Not yet – eternal babies cry at my feet
Embracing them in pure innocent love – eyes closed
All was death white then infinitesimal incineration fell
Our bodies were no more, Father’s love gave us form
Through Light we eternally learn – all human possibilities
The eternal babies play and run – freedom serve as arms, feet
Glance at God shedding a tear He spoke softly
Turn away from earthly ruins below – it is not you
Sleep without worry – you found your way home



Alone, engulfed in all that you mean

Like demonic song from a rabid cat

Try, then try harder to hear – no understanding

Please forgive my dull impotent efforts

Tearful cackles rise up from skin-covered psyche

End the aching bones and nerves, shout I  the groveler

Utter my name inept negotiator – whispers worthless, faceless

Shattering innards’ mirrors – only the warped ones

It’s me! Dear God, I am marred! A guilty gasp.

Take a profound breath –  It’s me who is bravely altered




Flat screen glows, beckons political me

No hoity-toity  MSNBC, CNN or snoozing C-SPAN

Precious slice of Americana values, Fox News, of course

Televised cradle of morality and justice for all

 Except Black, Hispanic, Arab, Persian and nose breathers

Proudly employing sloping brows and scholarly delusional

Knuckle-draggers O’Reilly, Hannity and inbred Beck

Edward R. Murrow coursing through their veins (yeah right)

Peabody Awards bursting through the roof (they wish)

  Should God Almighty come down and judge the platitudes

Surely, Rupert Murdoch would cower and be celestially screwed

Flesh-Covered Ghost

never surrendering

in the struggle for tomorrow

nameless, flesh-covered ghosts

are conveniently forgotten

social specters willingly grovel

for the slightest hint of salvation

In the end, there’s only the end

ushered by God, merciful pills

or heartless government servant

Final Home

Awkwardly clutching the womanly shell

housing womb laden with cooing dreams

Tears not coming to justify longing

Silent heartache fills hollowness

Merciful gurgling, button-nose cherub

Bestows all her silly and mischievous smiles

Motherly love is released like a flood

Wires and monitors announce distress

Sweet angel beckons her true-hearted Mama

As mortals valiantly try to revive

Celestial Father and eternal daughter

Release the sadness, longing and doubt

Completely whole is the final home





Ethereal Mania

Dear Lord, I beseech you

Knowing I am far beneath you

Have pity on my fractured soul

Driven by demon tentacles

In troubled brain, I lost control

See the tempest on my face

Throughout life my pain endures

O God, I’m not worthy to address you

Still bless me with a little mercy

This bipolar fears of going to hell




Prudent Dream

Innumerable no’s in my tame, prudent dreams

No six-figure car weaving through empty streets

No museum-like manor to call my very own

No indoor outdoor pools in which to lounge away a day

No romantic stranger comes professing unwarranted endless love

Without even knowing all my crazy, stupid mistakes

No vault full of money and jewels I never earned

Such trifling possessions designed to weigh me down

Dreams always free me as I soar into open air

Appear in a beautifully strange circle to partake in pliable speech

Or simply to witness a real home ringing in silly sounds

Where family is multi-racial and every bed is Godly love


God Space

Awakening in a forest of curious trees

Pine and maple begged me to climb and see

When my limbs faltered branches rescued

What discovery awaited an obediant me?

Virgin air, living clouds and winged freedom were welcoming

Contemplating my role in this overlooked world

I wept envious tears because of my innate complexity

Then realized, for the rest of my days, this is my God space

Delayed Rescue

Born into a world of no

Shaped by bones of fatigue

When one has nothing

The any-stage sky is a shelter

Birds are dubbed parents

For such imprisoned creatures

In the end celestial blessings

Come to claim their withered souls

Succinctly, in a Godly dimension

Weakness and pain is no more



Little Miracle

Cotton candy face cherub

Giggles without a care

She kisses  and hugs a joyful me

As I thank God for her gifts