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Congressmen, Senators … you’re not done yet!

You must witness the fruits of your labor thus earn your bribe!

See before you the puss filled limbs, tumor infestation upon that single mother’s exposed breasts – don’t they arouse you

There’s the 10 year old boy weighing 40 pounds – please excuse his pre-existing AIDS 

He’s asking you, will I be okay? ANSWER HIM!! Fine gentlemen, indeed!

Exits are blocked by the chronically ill, fluidly dying, and the ignorant poor.

This is not your home! This is OUR CAPITOL! And you must watch our end, move the corpses, before you leave this place. COUGH!



Intent on frightening all lions

Conniving to silence all birds

Believing that tides can be suppressed

Emasculated alleged statesmen quake

In the face of the people’s mighty will

They assure a traitor’s loathsome legacy




Dear Speaker John Boehner

I wanted to share this big day with you

I’m the first registered Republican

In my family, church and town

I was born in Little Haiti of Miami, of course

Lost my folks real early in life

INS forgot to give them food or water

I’m a real voodoo priestess by the way

But unable to bring parents back (I tried)

Don’t mind growing up in a Seminole tribe

Still, the Gator took my damn arms and legs

Thank God for my Medi-Medi and Social Security

And now I’m pregnant by the white chief of police

I’m a BLACK Haitian voodoo priestess, disabled,

On government assistance, Child of illegal aliens

And a white cop’s crippled action on the side

I am so the new face of the GOP! Right?

Wouldn’t you agree, Speaker Boehner?

Anyway, CNN and Fox News are interviewing me

I will show why I love the GOP and Tea Party too

I hope the reporters ignore the drool and French Accent

Sincerely, La-Sondra Karma La Rue

P.S. Me and my baby will see you soon in DC!