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Enough Rights

Sands of time have seized up

Must be waiting on someone’s rights

Right to live – as useless mouth breather

Right to die  – regardless of the cause

Enough sand on so-what-beaches

Smash the hourglass master now

Maim the rights and right-makers

Make ocean our undying justice

Battle friendly, daily and sail away!



Your precious rights

thrive underground

Shake righteous fist

at your empty crowd

Beloved boy is free at last

No earthly limits

No hateful air to breath

They are yours now

Grand lawful killer

with legal cross to bear

But you have your rights

To live in shadows of the free

With dangerous whispers and eyes

Outside secret locked windows and doors


Beautiful Blood

*** Disclaimer: This is not about me. ***

Lovely swelling is going down

Exquisite tears are wiped away

Convincingly saying, I love you

Embrace a monster as I rapidly shoot

Hatred through my tainted eyes

Killing you nightly in sickly mind

Please forgive the abortion of us

Unafraid of dying when living is so cruel

Your coffin is a comforting bed

Good life is currently indisposed

Lucky To Be Here

Baptizing crops with essence of labor

Miraculous restorer of elegant dwellings

Caretaker of little ones and affluent homes

Masters of drywall, cement and brick

Sweating in sweat shops without minimum wage

Why should we care for illegal wet backs, spics or beaners?

Why indeed? They’re invisible and lucky to be here.


Human Traveler

With all my foreigner’s heart

I will smile at you, my dear

Not knowing your words at all

My friendship hands will speak to you

You will show me your world

I will give you attention and respect

In the end, you will know my heart

For my heart beats next to yours



Pull them back, for Christ sake!

Those cherished curtains that hide your wizard

Let us see the reason for your disconnect

Haven’t really seen your wife for about 100 years

Beloved son prefers the company of older gentlemen

Charming daughter vomits 15 times a day

Public life? Pro-life, of course. Then pays mistress’ abortion

So very ugly underneath those masks?

Is that what you really think?

God forbid that you should be flawed!

Slightly flawed? Not at all. Just naked human.


Calloused hands are beautiful

They came from labors of love

Mud-caked boots and trousers prefered

Finer than runway garb

The sweat of humanitarian work

Perfumes the nostrils of want

The company of village elders

Unable to speak my tongue

Our smiles, laughs and futile attempts

Are received with friendship arms

Surrounded with smiling children

My heart is belongs to them



A child is dying

He’s been beaten too much

A black child is dead

Gun-downed down by neighborhood watch

A white child is dying

Mama feeds him too much

A Hispanic child is dead

Witnessed border town murders

And didn’t run fast enough

Children are dead

Found loaded pistols in a shoebox

Children are dead or dying!

Can you feel it right now?

Sure, you have rights

Your rights are dead wrong

It is all our faults.

How can we live with that?

He was born with America in his veins

The flag was always his skin

Potpourri of the world, his mantra echoed within soul

The robust Texan in 10 gallon hat,

Dusted by a prairie breeze

 Coquettish Cuban family of Miami Beach,

Freely laughs while playing dominoes

Turban donning Sikh

Greets everyone warmly as he plays with his moustache

Islamic Center women lovely in their hijabs

Greet, support and employ those of other faiths

The Jewish ladies of home and business

Their hearts see and feel more every day

 Southerners bless us all with soul food, Mardi Gras and sports

For all of them, our hero fights

Limbs, innocence and soul sacrificed

The pure love is still there

Make him walk with your human heart

Relinquish your will to him

Nothing is more valuable than the drive to live humanly

How it Feels

Patriotism, you are not so great

Pride in country ? Why?

Pride in humanity is superior

Blessed are the ears who hear thoughtful, kind words

Grateful are the eyes that see sincere smiles

Glad are the oppressed shoulders that are relieved of their burdens

Honored are those who carry their brothers’ and sisters’ worries

May we all live to love as we should

Not because it’s a mandate from a deity

Not because we were raised that way

Not because we wish to be admired

We should all strive, fail and strive again

Knowing we fight our own demons because we love how it feels