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We were once free – completely vulnerable yet safe

In our precious beginning – mixing our cries with air

We owned nothing but ourselves

Step – Happily surrounded with voluntary gifts

And there it went on and on through youthful years

Mind and heart produced and mattered

Tangible, lifeless objects and background noise

Still you owned (somewhat) disappearing things

Look, learn, feel the world – which is pleasing and insulting

Refuse to be a warden-prisoner of your gilded cages

Who was born to guard bloodless fancies – expensive and loveless

Guard and tenderly give the unprotected – with numbered names

Wealth in human ventures lightens any load

May your body carry and care for rediscovered smiles


It May Be

Bloodlust warrior kills everyone

Fears loneliness, then kills himself

Learned man tires of new discoveries

Then sees the vile ignorance elsewhere

Self righteous pontificator sees himself

Not worthy of the Lord’s holy light

Cruel indifference, harsh judgment – his worst sins

Generous indigent gives to impoverished mogul

Meager currency not asked nor received

Racist murderer is wholehearted forgiven

By the dark and saintly child swinging in the tree

Do you see them? Do you see what may be?








Senate floor words

thunderously pointless

The happy meek inherit 

bountiful toxic dust

Good faithful citizens 

live upon sinking ground

Barons boastfully cackle

until public hammer falls

Rise and fall, so human

Open eyes, see lovely tragedy

All will truly intersect









The Cure

The winnings of your life can’t be caged

In the battle for justice you are aptly scarred

Body perfections flutter in time’s torrent wind

Sadly, your obscenely petty crimes 

Are grotesquely parasitic in nature

 Irrelevant! I have a free cure for good and wrong

Forget it all, apologize and gracefully exit stage right


Eclectic Bus Brigade

Beseeching the commuter gods

For an air-conditioned bus

I am granted a moderately cool mess

Odoriferous broken humans sit and dream

While proud union workers happily stand

Harshly judged blue-haired teenagers

Relinquish seats to grateful elders

Single father feeds his little one Cheerios

With amiable but stern bus driver at the helm

 What a potpourri of humanity this ride is

Perhaps some tourists will show up next


New Orders

Dropping all warring elements

into a sea of who-cares

Green patch of rest is coveted

No nation is henceforth claimed

New orders are handed down

From angels and inner children

Seek and recover good human souls





I saw your dark flag and nothing else

While thrashing a hated you

Terror filled eyes beseeched me

Human soul clutched and injected me

Silly, loving child wrapped in mothering arms

Hopelessly enamored teens holding hands

Elated heart waiting to take vows

Stoic you in the center of goodbyes

Then sheds the tears void of loving witnesses

Dark flag bearer, we are a tragic one

In killing you, I am a suicide

Thanks Is Not Required

Not a real altruistic soul exists!

Shouts a flesh covered lie

Self-damning declarations

Dispels all human obligation

How nice to argue with the dark

Do … because it feels good

In there, the self-admiration angle lies

To give selflessly or selfishly

The needy and barren rely on both

Acts of earthly growth, altruistic in the end

Traveling hearts and minds long after

Our truthful suns and gentle moons

Long after the mortal milestones

Of muted coffin and guarding earth

Humankind idea planted and rightly so



Human Forged Air

This silence is cruel tonight

Pummel me in the throes

Of maniacal genius’ horns and strings

Place me in the tortured sheets

Of a bluesy raspy voice

Surround me in the absurdity

of moshpit youthful joy

No longer plagued with lonely

Human forged air kissed my soul





Painful Laugh

Hunted by a pack of vicious doubts

I sought an alternate escape route

My sole recourse was always avoided, til now

Crawling my way up this obscene incline

My nails, back and knees loathe my will

While small past sins assault and infest my skin

My stubborn objections shout out, no more pain!

Standing on my cherished plateau with dead doubts as my view

The truth: Doubts died while climbing my conquered fear

Peppered with lovely scars, I laughed inappropriately