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Option Two

Crying due to the strength of a push
It was a gust of cruel wind!
I was an assaulted infant and so I cried
Human comfort came quickly and so I cried
Years made my bones and skin stretch
Push, strikes and fierce gravity
Take it and give back … you are grown.
You’ve been hurt and know your role! Cry, cry
Spiteful laughter and heartless remarks GOD NO!
Human comfort died as I grew .. chose option #2
Will my flesh away via stubborn chants, prayers
Remembering Wind rides above all human frailties




Environmentally assaulted in sunny rain poverty
Weathered green splinters awful – yet coveted
Where else do little chicas sit? Graffiti wall is for boys
Covered, shaded, maintained green
Perfect for adolescent trendy and tormentors alike 
Vacant classroom for freshman nomadic poor
Cruelty discovers another living place – soul breaking work
Pack of privilege climbers surveying the terrain
Mentally thrashing many from a lovely corporate park bench
I just want a paycheck, pleasantries and respect
Final class war comically ends here – spine, legs turn on me
Latina sits on smooth white plastic shower bench
I’m sure I prefer the splinters and weathered green

Grasping Me

These hands are getting old

Once a brave grabber of frivolous joy

monkey bars, piñata treats – always more

Cute scruffy boys on asphalt grounds

Move on to more sinister quasi-adult

Some booze, smokes – legal and not

Cute loser bad boy – didn’t handle me well

These hands were too damn antsy then

Still  they look nice now to loving ones

Painted nails in silly girl manners

Screw my nonsensical wisdom tonight

Massage-scratch hybrid on my lover’s back

Today, my lively hands know how to act



Not Aesthetically Pleasing

Not terribly aesthetic pleasing – please forgive

In truth, somewhat riddled and off kilter

She’s audibly robust to a fault – no shrills

Subtlety is a fallacy in her multifaceted mind

Shying away – a step towards the end

Like the globe – rife with well-rounded ventures

Like the moon – moves her lover’s nocturnal tides

Never will she fit in – she’s her own universe

She is obviously fat and not aesthetically pleasing

Also noticed and sought out by her altered people

Hail Priestess of the Blessed Nonconformists!






The Wrong Way

Viciously evil monster

demands passionless execution

Promiscuously spent body

Envies virgin path of relief

Terminally ill family problem

Is stubbornly cured by Life

Obstinate waves reject clueless shore

Devil Sun smiles and curses all

Innocent killer cackled at Truth

The guilty and not-so-guilty

Must always pay someone’s price

Prudently, we are all running in all direction

Sadly, all are headed the wrong way



She knows her blanket smells

Just like her little angel girl

but she has yet to carry a child

He thinks a cool breeze

is God tapping his shoulder

but all the windows are closed

She knows a life-long marriage

is just within her reach

but refuses the notion of a date

He sees himself in the mirror

but he’s been blind all his life

I believe in mending humanity

in the face of normal violence

Preferring to die a believer

than become a half-dead drone


My hands look young and lovely

when I am clearly not

I’ve made them do so very much

Some creating of

silly, beautiful and useful things

Some destroying of

me, frightening and abhorrent things

My willing and not partner in crime

You’ve hoisted me up

from the pits of demise

Becoming a raging fist

to fight off cruel thugs

I look at you now in a loving way

As you type this strange little post

while donning your red nail polish


Waking upon a nothing bed

Brushing translucent teeth

Combing non-resistant hair

Dressing in weightless garb

Consuming tasteless sustenance

Now where is the living door?

These pointless acts are everything

Now that you’re ignorantly dead

What will you do with your life?



Happy Living

You’re so blessed and yet you’re blind

Roll your eyes whenever I waste boring time

Long ago, I dared myself to cross all the lines

It’s not how old you get, Mr. Tabulate

Will your life be recalled amongst some folly

I demand all red around my absurd grave

All tear-jerkers will be rerouted to your sanitized tomb


Jimmy Choo shoes? A definite maybe

Free drinks? Nothing’s free baby

Gas bill? Can wait a while more …

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition handbag on sale!?

Or pay rent 2 months in arrears?

So what? I’d love to move again anyway!

Hell! Mr. Repo man found my car!

Screw the world! My LV handbag is all I need

Is this bipolar, flighty or just plain crazy?