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Writer’s Obligation

Pencil to paper … why did it snap
Pen to paper … mistake, error .. can’t erase
Angry, salty moisture on my face
Just type, you lost writer … what is it again
Your eulogy, says a sleeping me to a weakling
Wake up, wake up alive, feeling heartbeats..mine
Shout out loud … I am good at wanting more!
Selfish, generous, hungry for wild sparks
Too late, settle down and breathe in your years
So wrong for wanting wild chaos in pouring rain
That was another hungry manic time and place
What am I doing here? Ah yes, in case she dies
Eulogy for bipolar face – when she’s off her meds
She’s amazing but I can write!


Safely Within

Vile monster begins a journey
Craw through skin to crippled brain
Wrongfully exquisite carnal cells – scatter, scatter
Eviction so unlawful – work new angle
Blessed fornication upon no one’s bed
No heated skin, no pounding heart
No lover or lover’s passionate utterances
Nothing at all – in the physical realm
All glorious hedonistic endeavors – safely within

An Excellent Failure

Truth in mind, fractured
So supple is this lie
Comforting old haggard body
Stay a short eternity
Oh seductive falsehood
Yes! Mental glass not gem
Muster up a crippled will
To death or fatigued limbs
Neither side the victor
Both refuse to rise, impossible

Blurred Vision

Dancing faster, closer – dreading the end of song

Elongated slumber – cease murdering well written dream

Naked, crazed and running inside – while charmingly dining

Cured, cured! Resounds in liar’s bruised skull

Voiceless mirror confirms prudent composure – tomorrow it dissolves  

Affectionately adoring senders of unrequited love – temporarily

You’re mad, so mad – shouts un-medicated bones and skin

Manic relishes the windswept view from atop a jumpers perch

Falling straight, strangely into state-regulated white restraints – now protected









Exquisitely Wrong

Genesis of monstrous notions

Is the whisper of nothing real

Calm and reason, utterly abandoned

Fears of the uncertain open space

Abhorring the gust of well-traveled wind

Maniacally convinced of enclosed haven

Knowing it’s safely counterproductive

Sickly mental drives , treasured demon

Joy with a dash of status quo norm, do detest

Vile goodness, can’t be evicted from psyche

Pop a pill, sleep awhile and try puzzle again

All above and down below is exquisitely wrong


Perfectly Troubling

I prefer a life flavored

with tequila sin

A lime bitter tongue

Injustice on my back

and nonsense on my feet

I relish twisted passions

funded by a dab of nothing

Manically, Intellectual twits

Polite soul takers

And subtle hooligans

Are searching for me

They are my questions

I am their answers

And I won’t ever come home

Home is where the solace is



In Circle

Follow the leader

Leader is blind

The blind are clever

Or else they die

Follow your heart

Heart has no brains

Follow your logic

Logic escaped this place

Follow the leader

He has no feet

He has no face

You are the leader

This is your chaotic race




Detach, sever, cut off with precision

Manic wounded covets a self-cleanse

Seconds, minutes, hours you breed

Anxious mental allies and foes

What  love wishes such company?

Yes and No laugh hysterically behind the lines


Gazing at Bottle

Aptly named Boredom

The I of me is tired, very tired

I smash Bottle into elsewhere

Still too tired. Why so tired?

Kill all bottles in all lands

Bottles exquisitely apocalyptic are ruined

Still I am unwilling to raise a brow

Strength is solely dispatched to sweep

Bottled mess in bottled world

Contain the wilted remnants of me

The Other Route

I called for peace via red hue skies

Warm winds came in its place

I called for silence to ease my mind

Rhythmic arias came in its place

I called for mania to die quickly

Then mania presented a new angle

Manic me is a tortured writer

Tortured writers brilliantly create