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Completely absurd but I am sure of this …

Fine weather was dispatched for us

Torrents too were made for this silly couple

Sky fire, rain and us engulfed in power vortex … splendid

All that is womanly and wrong beyond my flesh

I noticed it and you love it, because your heart is brave

That which was hidden within your touch

I claimed it selfishly for my starving heart

I saw the man you truly are in a sea of nomadic souls

The lovely secrets between us is our treasure

Broken timelines are irrelevant for us

We love imperfectly, passionately, quietly and wholeheartedly

No changes necessary… such is our chemistry




Perfectly Wrong

Floating down the dream-like aisle

Comes your long sought-after life

A fit yet bountiful 21 year-old treasure

Her love for you is unwavering

Tending to your every need and want

She refuses to argue or question anything

Thus begins the unraveling of a fantasy

Blessed are the horrid quarrels and struggles

Between two headstrong, enraptured lovers

High End Delusions

I am being portrayed unfairly

It is I who has been wronged

He promised to love me forever

Still he tried to pass off three lousy carats

Instead of the requested four

The tux was completely wrong

His parents sat with my parents

When I said keep them apart

We flew to Paris by coach instead of first class!

Sex? You’ll ruin my expensive hair!

How am I suppose to love him

When he’s so damn cruel to me

Annulment? Do I get to keep the ring?

Imaginative looks, laced in wanting

Wanting license to be free

Freedom to couple amongst the masses

To openly speak tenderly without trepidation

And clasp loving gay or transgender hands

On any street or house of worship

In any city, town or nation – freedom please!

The ‘normal’ ones fail half the time

Love means more when the cost is high



Beautifully Imperfect Love

Marry me, marry me

I’m the only girl who likes you

I laugh at your lousy jokes

Make love to a sweaty, stinky you

Marry me, marry me

I’ve been with you for ages

Rejoiced at your successes

Cursed those that betray you

Why are you on your knee?

Oh my God, you’re proposing?

I sure do love you, especially with flaws

That quarter carat diamond looks like three carats to me!

The Long Walk

Little girl feet hurt from standing on the welfare line

Latina Mama needs help filling out the forms

Young teen feet ache so bad. She missed another cruel bus

Massage Mama’s aching feet and back, every single day

Don’t worry. Things will change.

My feet ache from dancing in my wedding gown

My heels come off and I carry on. Utterly perfect joy

My feet are killing me for walking too much

Vacation walking with my love this time

Been to Hawaii, Pacific Northwest and other places of folly

My feet ache. Then I rest. Then I walk a little more.

The jungles and woods and city streets – all take their toll

Just not the toll of my early years

Those feet will suffer no more


The problem is you, not him

He’s the catch of the century

You’re an ineffective lover

If any good, he’d be home

You work all day and house is a mess

You pester him for more time

When you know he’s working really hard

You can’t even give him the son he wants

No wonder he screws around

What other choice has he got?

Do us all a favor, just get in the box

No. I won’t, I screamed

He still belongs to me

Plays over in my mind

As I shatter the cursed mirror


You’re not getting any younger

Don’t you want a family, dear

When’s the last time you went on a date

I can introduce you to my cousin’s friend.

He’s a lawyer, I think.

Chuckling, confident lovely lesbian proclaims

I’m happily married to young, beautiful woman

I’m already pregnant. Six weeks by now.

She’s waiting for me in Paris

Good-bye, condescending cretins

My better life awaits and you’ve taken up too much of my time