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Rising from your expletive business to my blameless hovel

Of course I hear your uncivil war – was that bone cracking

Nine-one-wretched-one … perhaps dropping weighted noise on battered floor?

Christian rock via giant woofers – Can that redirect his drunken rage?

Go on down steps, bang on door –ready for a projectile weapon.

Not so frail waif opens door – It’s eerily quiet with palpable reasons.

Bits of human liquid and innards not far from massive corpse of who cares

Sorry for the noise, utters tiny chance survivor, we were ill but I am now well


Apartment 203

Laughs and cries above my head, apartment 203

5-year-old little girl, blessed with peculiar face

She laughs at momma’s broken heel and daddy bumping his head

Then cries at cabbage in her soup and the ‘no outside’ rain

I know just how she feels, poor dear

5-year old cutie can sound just the way she is

I’m sure when I was 5-years-old my neighbors also had ears