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Laugh, laugh and perhaps cackle a bit – the one who knows
Go on and confiscate all means of support
Collect, disseminate then ignore all common treasures
Lively innards may fail still – no matter for next phase
Rural stump or urban curb – momentary al fresco domicile
Sleep into ethereal freedom – farewell earthly encumbrances
Laugh a little (because I’m somewhat petty) and smile


A child is dying

He’s been beaten too much

A black child is dead

Gun-downed down by neighborhood watch

A white child is dying

Mama feeds him too much

A Hispanic child is dead

Witnessed border town murders

And didn’t run fast enough

Children are dead

FoundĀ loaded pistols in a shoebox

Children are dead or dying!

Can you feel it right now?

Sure, you have rights

Your rights are dead wrong

It is all our faults.

How can we live with that?