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Hard Way Home

Saw final light coming in a clear blue American sky
Stood ready to meet my Maker – gaze at God’s pure blue
Anxious to talk to Him – rid me of human pain
Not yet – eternal babies cry at my feet
Embracing them in pure innocent love – eyes closed
All was death white then infinitesimal incineration fell
Our bodies were no more, Father’s love gave us form
Through Light we eternally learn – all human possibilities
The eternal babies play and run – freedom serve as arms, feet
Glance at God shedding a tear He spoke softly
Turn away from earthly ruins below – it is not you
Sleep without worry – you found your way home


My grateful mind wonders

If my revered friends know

Just naturally being who they are

Incites my coveted rejuvenation

Only good friends can conjure such a remedy

Embracing my beloved partners in crime

Saves me, an alleged clever poet

from a sullen world of locked doors





Times of want, terrible want

Millions of minutes behind

No car, utilities or sufficient food to consume

Slowly dying was life

That was wretched then, this is blessed now

Lover, husband lover

Intellect, joy and guarding me

Fecund, tropical garden island ventures

Explored with childish eyes, we do

Fresh, succulent morsels within reach

How did this happen?

From below the scales of poor

To above the joys of God

God, I’m closest to Him

He sent salvation to a faithless me

Ode to Angst

Useless gazing, your only gift

He is not yours, truth be told

Pounding heart, beats impotent beats

You will not have him, he is not yours

Rejection shelters your fearful mind

Have him? Not ever!

Crippled by cemented feet

Embraced Reality

You can not have him, he is not yours!

Stop, angst-ridden dreamer!

Seek and Find a voice for You

 Salvation will be your name