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Option Two

Crying due to the strength of a push
It was a gust of cruel wind!
I was an assaulted infant and so I cried
Human comfort came quickly and so I cried
Years made my bones and skin stretch
Push, strikes and fierce gravity
Take it and give back … you are grown.
You’ve been hurt and know your role! Cry, cry
Spiteful laughter and heartless remarks GOD NO!
Human comfort died as I grew .. chose option #2
Will my flesh away via stubborn chants, prayers
Remembering Wind rides above all human frailties



Plagued by a virus, quasi-human in form

Some troll’s little darlin’ I’m sure

Targets me with her Cyclops eye

Pummels me with reptilian fists

Game changer – virus insults my mother

Supplications for a mercy long dead

Throngs of chanting inciters flank me

Rescuing the vile demon, naturally

Life saving bell and ignorant teachers



Finish my homework, you little turd

You know that I’ll flush you down

If it wasn’t for my daily pushing

You be stupid and puny too

So show a little gratitude, runt

I’m really an awesome friend

Like my report on the French Revolution, teach?

Too bad for you Walter moved away?

He left a very long letter about homework, tests and threats

You’ll be a moronic 25 year-old when and if you graduate



The Cost

Asking Teacher for new books

What I heard was, school can’t afford it

Begging some pretty kids to be my friends

All I heard was giggles and you can’t afford us

Asking Mama for new clothes that fit

Angrily shouting, she said, we can’t afford it!

Cried on Daddy’s broken-hearted dreams

Then I asked, when can he pay his child support

Silently and quickly escaping my words

Not worthy of a lie or ‘I can’t afford it’

The Responsible Crush

My name is Invisible Love

Blended amongst my shallow peers

Unafraid, I station myself

To front and center row

Loyally listening and noticing

Your every phrase and inflection

I passionately make love to you

Through my academic prowess

Never knowing the warmth of your skin

One sterile question, my love

Are you proud of me, teacher?




The Lesson

In another world, fierce lovers

In this, teacher and pupil

Gazing into eyes that only see a child

Virgin skin is beaded by unfulfilled wants

I want much for you, he utters

As he pats her lustful, convoluted head

Wishing, her only secluded realm

Honorable intent is his creed

Reality, their classroom

Piety, the needed lesson




Get Use To It

Shared potato chips with your boy today, Ma’am

We both like photography

he told me, he wants to learn more

I pushed over a bully

that targeted my new friend

I told him I’d kick his ass, if he tried it again

I invited your cool son

To a steak dinner at my house

And later, we can shoot some hoops

or maybe, just hang out

Then I told him I’m gay

He said, he’s not allowed

To hang out with faggots or queers

He said if he did , you’d ground him for years

I never tried to kiss or hug him

I never looked at his crotch

Don’t drink or use drugs

I’m a straight A student

I’m a really good guy.

I just won’t hide for anyone !

Not for you or your ex-husband, who won’t pay child support

I won’t lie, not even for your likeable son

Not for the right-wing bigots

Not for the hate mongers and alleged Christians

I’m gay, moral and stronger than you’ll ever be

Big Girls

You’re fat, rotund, massive and huge!

How rude! Is it rude?

Bravely, reality settles in. It’s true.

Full-figured, Big girl, pleasantly plump

Relay what? The nice way to say fat?

Polite people say those nice words

Then think – Fat, Fat, Fat

No matter, Big Girls are needed and loved

Big girl pal will robustly throw down

When her skinny girls need protection

‘Brick House’ girls blessed with knockers and bootie

Strut their stuff to boys seeking lovin’

Full-figured divas dressed in boas, golden gowns and F.M. pumps

May not be Girls, but gays having fun

Then there’s the chubby who eats by herself

She hides in the restroom stalls

Intently she listens to the campus cuties

Then fantasizes of overflowing popularity

She’s a cast-off who eventually gets friends

Amongst the freaks, uglies, bad and the weird

What will she be in 5 or 10 years?

The Tenured Truth

Betrayal of youthful charges, this crime is yours

Idealistic intentions, severed from learned soul

Hoodlums, jokers and privileged brats overpowering you?

Forget not, the saintly others seeking ethics amongst well-versed lectures

Unsheath your righteous sword, combat scholastic enemies

Sadly, you prostrated yourself long ago

Adding to the pointless, abandoning hopes of redemption

Swim, shell of a teacher, in your  guilty Vodka pool

Self-preservation is assured, says Tenure