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We were once free – completely vulnerable yet safe

In our precious beginning – mixing our cries with air

We owned nothing but ourselves

Step – Happily surrounded with voluntary gifts

And there it went on and on through youthful years

Mind and heart produced and mattered

Tangible, lifeless objects and background noise

Still you owned (somewhat) disappearing things

Look, learn, feel the world – which is pleasing and insulting

Refuse to be a warden-prisoner of your gilded cages

Who was born to guard bloodless fancies – expensive and loveless

Guard and tenderly give the unprotected – with numbered names

Wealth in human ventures lightens any load

May your body carry and care for rediscovered smiles


Liar! Mean liar!

You said the word love

How could you do it?

Help out your parents like that!

What about my Coach or Louis Vuitton ?

Then you won’t pretend to be wealthy!

What will my family think ?

I hooked up with a pediatrician!

You actually have to work!

Worst of all, you brought me flowers

Like I’m some Marge Simpson or Carol Brady

You’re so damn inconsiderate!

Where you going, baby?  This is the ring I want!

The Poor

Who have you saved?

In all your pointless obligations and invitations

In all your endless rush

Who have you touched?

I mean spiritually, you pervert!

Who have you saved in any real way?

Are you weighed down by pretty things?

Watch your Coach bag and coveted villa

Now answer your groveling underlings!

Who have you saved .. today or ever?

Not anyone? Not even yourself?

God help you. You wasteful, wretched poor


Self banishment from sanitized urban world

And all her shiny wireless gadgetry

Seeking foreign faces carved out by the sun

Bodies laboring for communal purpose

Action speaking far more than mouth

Guarded from empty wealth and shielded from immoral poor

Consuming enough to live a heart-felt life

Selfish drives long murdered and evicted

Such living is revered by those seeking proper deaths

Such living is modern-day blasphemy





City Life

No one drives in Manhattan

Except the filthy rich

Out you come, from gilded garage

Seemingly, without a clue

Targeting you from up above

Pigeon droppings bombard

Your sleek, six figure car

Next time, take a cab you fool

No one drives in the city


False Christian, come forward

Examination of your stance, sorely needed

Evidence presented, exhibits in full display

Idolator, face your fruitless harvest

Heartless money, your deity

Presumptive facts are lies to many

Fashionably shut eyes lack empathy

No reality seen outside of well-appointed parlor

Crippling fear prevents soulful expansion

Cowardly Idolator prefers beautiful lies