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Educated Air

This sin has no form
It invades the air in whispering screams
Inciting incessantly old and young bodies
To fly into melodic frenzy wholeheartedly
Journey elsewhere – while still infected
Sinister carnage behind cordial face
Ruin and end the willing – gratefully willing
This sin has no form – only lovely teeth


Willingly submitting to monetary demand
Succumb if suggested to even more
Reach with fierce hands, arms – yes, yes please
Precious rock demigod sweat – baptize mortal beings
Swim in rasp, riffs and growls of genius
Wanton skin feels front man’s power
Not in a lover’s space or temporal way
Ogling recklessly, freely – targeting stage ruler
Succubus eyes, blessed treasured gift
Blown kiss and naughty wink released
Thus hedonistic marriage in fan’s dream


Sounds went into me

transforming my cells

reviving my dormant soul

Erratic and calm juxtapose

Alive yet pebbles of less

Sounds exit my slighted core

Bewilderment is body now

Blessed Debauchery

Invited to holy yet sinful party

Potpourri of musicians played

Fashionably tattered and salty

Pagan sounds hovered about

Taking hold of fine Christian hips

Reckless libations fueled mystic fire

Sun dispersed charming gypsies

Leaving mortals selfishly jealous





Dragged into the club

by a wicked solo bass

Trapped in manic fan maze

Unable to see coveted stage

Eyes finally find rocker’s face

He was painfully ugly





Miley Cyrus distressed jeans, check

  VMA Red carpet shoes, double check

Kristen Stewart killer top, triple check

Niki Minaj hairdo, damn check

Absolute geek/poser, rings the door

Real thing inspects without hello

Your nails look like my gardener’s nail

Price for ritzy door slam, $1,000.00


This mortal purposely flies

Then lands upon a dream

Harnessed by unearthly music

Every muscle is enraptured

Wordless face and pliable body speaks

A lifetime of the human condition

This mortal can’t possibly die

He has baptized a world stage

Climbing to my Mt. Everest seat

Strings longingly draw me in

Poignant Diva rules sacred aria

Gingerly, orchestra dances in mid-air

Seduced tearful worshippers

Cease to breathe yet live anew

Extending my unworthy hand

I feeling the crescendos and lulls

Encasing my happily defeated heart




The letter C is crying out

Mr. C is bored with Gringo-speak

Demands to be Chicano-ized

So Carmelita commences the commands

Consume your comida cravings

Ceviche de concha con camaron

Carne Asada tortas on the right

Carnitas con chile verde on the left

Wash it down with damn cold Cerveza

Then Cha-Cha with Carla until you drop

Mr. C died from a Chicano coronary



Burning sneakers pushed to the edge

Labored breathing juvenilely ignored

First period teacher, hopefully late

Southern California Smog Alert dream

Compulsive youth pays the price with interest

Minimal sleep amidst TV glow

Pirated cable ushers MTV gods

Duran Duran, David Bowie and beloved Madonna

Gladly sacrifice my virginal body and soul

To musical deity’s cool jail-bait cause

High level smog in 80’s world brain

Damn it again! The cable is out

Convulsing because I missed my Headbangers Ball