Category: Poetry

Everything that is beautiful, refined, poignant

About a blameless you … I despise without merit

This mangled, aged face and useless, clumsy hands

They too, fervently despise the newness of you

Still I smile and bid you well before admirers in rising circles

It is treasonous for my mouth and mind

Nonetheless, one must be astronomically above forty-five

One must be foster diplomacy, etiquette and patriotic civility




Musket policy applied to crowd killers

Alleged logic, as you baptize rounds in blood

Dispatch more souls to unearthly worlds

While living creatures blindly pray for death

Revenge, questions, supplications and more void

Too much to absorb for most senses, near or far

Shout out to the hoarders of demon weaponry

Brown and black are targeted- 100 yards from home

Bring flowers to where sacred parchment rest

Our Terrorist Constitution of these United States


Completely absurd but I am sure of this …

Fine weather was dispatched for us

Torrents too were made for this silly couple

Sky fire, rain and us engulfed in power vortex … splendid

All that is womanly and wrong beyond my flesh

I noticed it and you love it, because your heart is brave

That which was hidden within your touch

I claimed it selfishly for my starving heart

I saw the man you truly are in a sea of nomadic souls

The lovely secrets between us is our treasure

Broken timelines are irrelevant for us

We love imperfectly, passionately, quietly and wholeheartedly

No changes necessary… such is our chemistry



We were once free – completely vulnerable yet safe

In our precious beginning – mixing our cries with air

We owned nothing but ourselves

Step – Happily surrounded with voluntary gifts

And there it went on and on through youthful years

Mind and heart produced and mattered

Tangible, lifeless objects and background noise

Still you owned (somewhat) disappearing things

Look, learn, feel the world – which is pleasing and insulting

Refuse to be a warden-prisoner of your gilded cages

Who was born to guard bloodless fancies – expensive and loveless

Guard and tenderly give the unprotected – with numbered names

Wealth in human ventures lightens any load

May your body carry and care for rediscovered smiles

Abundantly Nothing

Let us forget our aged bodies
Shall we try another realm, angle or sphere?
Avert your adventurous eyes and lie, lie, lie
Summon a Rod Serling themed spiritual guide
Inhale intensified, mystical gyrations – on another’s skin
Phantom muscles contract, release, explode into void
Nothing and everything happened in a lovely corner
How kind is your motionless rapture, names are blissfully vacant

Poorly Welcomed

Nothing. Eyes say nothing to blind soul

No valuables at first glance – look closer and simpler

Ears receive laughable gibberish

Poor eyesore noise maker … just go away

Wait! Papers, name, residence .. English, lousy jihadist!

Isis getup. Guilty – all over you! Cry louder sand man!

Enough regulated hate to stifle an American dream

He, she and we are free! Turn away our Jesus because he’s from the middle east?

No peace without Him – kneel with humility and reverence




The Elements

Joy of adorned paper torn and crumpled
In treasured corners they lay
Empty boxes too pleasing to discard
Thank you for guarding the gifts
Printed well wishes of joy and sentiment
Merriment filled memories, the sacred goal? Yes?
All charming and lovely, still I want more
My blessed hand in yours is housed perfection
All other elements stand behind My Love

The Perfect Gift

Glad is the heart that beats out pure love – listen my dear
Tingling sensation summoned by lover’s touch – we know it well
There is no jewel that issues greater brilliance than loving eyes
Together is our station in every realm – feel the bond
Our story is constant no matter what comes
God blessed us with each other – giving thanks is a privilege
Loving you is a joy, Merry Christmas my love

I mourn the death of the child in you

The child that played alone or with dirty kids

Amongst jealous trees and stickball lots

Plagued with dried foxtails invading your socks

You use to be happy, just hanging out

Today you’re addicted to so much crap

iPhone, iPad and other suspicious circuit dogma

Designer drinks here, Whole Foods there

Imported Mini boxes on tires with all the extras

Kardashian butt, see a stranger’s mirror

Think you need a new race? Or botched!

Better be wearing Prada, DKNY or Kors

Coach or D&G on your shoulder, of course

Stocks go up because they closed some more plants

Chinese slavery – that’s were the money’s at

American workers? I’m sure they’ll bounce back

You know that the kid version of you

Would kick your ass, slash your tires

Slash your clothes, rat you out on YouTube

To Mom and Dad, cousins, aunts and uncles

They would fervently tell you

You weren’t raised that way!

Church taught you better

Play by His rules idolatrous one!

Don’t hurt anybody with the choices you make

Is that kid alive? Is hope coming out?

Do CPR or start praying to God …. move forward

Promise to be better and trash all soulless junk!

Willing Consumption

Ancient scents stubbornly bonded to waning present
Eternally supple undulating creatures – self announced
Treasured sirens plot passively, precisely
Exquisitely cruel are the takings and yet subtle
No love, nor like is factored in
Depravity in circular symphony restores more
Heightens then murders glorious senses
No subterfuge on either side in wrongful deeds