Category: Art

Genius Frivolity

Sit amongst awaiting seekers

Voyeuristic spirits rise in such tides

No socially relevant lecture

No epic warrior siege

No doomed enraptured affair

No apocalyptic salvation, please

Labored psyches require it most

Inappropriate hilariously crass folly

Blessed are the cinematic buffoons






Purposeful Quill

Higher meaning via literary maze

Within opinionated flaps of printer’s skin

Scanning, absorbing lost bundled letters

Clear message – not quite brilliant works

Writer’s stance is hollow, feeble – no sacrifice at all

Nonfiction soul is lacking – perhaps even exiled

Plastering glossy imagines – like flowers in mud

Writer’s composing spirit is dying – thus yellow, moldy funeral

Reader lives willingly to suffer the task

Such is required to take up the purposeful quill



Keeper Of The Craft

Heart is aptly named Thespian

Housed in back lot facades

Ever so subtly, upstaged plastic star

With ugly yet honest delivery

Real humans tearfully applaud

Justly offers of wealth and fame

All pour out like Biblical torrent

Not ready nor willing to take the lead

Heart utters, I expect more of myself




Obediently medicated per MD

Using all my coping skills

Loathing is frantically bubbling

I am stable boredom incarnate!

Frida’s corrupted spine, dead baby

and Diego’s wandering member

Small framed pain and twisted life

Beautifully, grotesquely ruins me

Kahlo’s artistic corpse laughs

and refuses to engulf a pleading me

Lunacy, nonetheless, was a nice visit