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Feet Negotiations

My feet want to leave me. I said no.

Loathing memories plague, they said

Angry feet – damning buses and cursing absent cars

Forget it all! The rain, the heat, bus riders stomping poor feet

That was then, this is now

Bare you roam upon hardwood floors and soft, gentle grass

Recipient of loving, cool pedicure

Today’s truth is good, said silly clumsy feet


 Crayon-induced hallucinations crown child of yes

World-building inclinations, stubbornly invade

Below secret-keeping bedding, escape plans take form

Go to it, venture-hearted sprite!

 Perplexing purple seas are calling

Ominous gray cloud ship, offers transport

Ripples of time and space, why? Where is mind?

No matter.  Gold and silver-colored fairies joyfully appear!

Residences of inquisitive, fun-seeking isle

Curious clicks, melodic tones, laughing eyes! What are they saying?

Strange chant emanates from mindful plants, trees and ground

Sensible Mind is back, thankfully

Slowly rising from life saving bedding

Next time, the sea will be pink

Siren Dream

Race, with reckless abandon, into wild liquid world

Mind, skin, hair drinking in blue-green waters

Go farther, Go under – Entangled in man’s treacherous seaweed

Undulating waves rescue senseless girl, now Siren

Moments fade into unforgiving briny realms

Black waters, coming about

Wayward sailors and their pointless stories, happy victims are they

Siren song soothing and coaxing

Consumes salt blooded mind and life

Look, see how they toil

Offsprings, wheeled around

Juveniles, fearless brats and unruly

Big, useless male acts defeated

Female not here, somewhere else

Behind the glass, as they make stupid faces

Evolution? Yeah right.

Pot roast dry, panicky heart consumes itself

Speck of dust? Clammy hands tremble like the earth

Run, run to nameless town in nameless country

Feet won’t move, you’re damned

I died last night, curiously

No murder, suicide or ailment took me

I just left body, no explanation

Like indentured servants, I want to be free

Body shackled a trouble-making me

God saw my predicament and off I went

Ocean floor void of sky light, happily inhabited by cosmic beings

Fecund jungles rife with wise creatures

Babies, Lovely Babies

Born in huts with love-struck mothers abound

I saw learned, old gentlemen playing chess

Fathers going fishing with their sons

Giggling mothers and daughters getting pedicures

Dancers dancing with soul, not feet

I flew with the gulls, cranes and geese

Invaded a cumulus cloud for a bit

Sat on pyramid, Everest and good, old Big Ben

I lived in death?

No. I observed and was envious.

Reaching back to twisted single days

Steamy, glistening me seeking to be …

Cool while enduring poverty’s heat. Wait for nocturnal porch

Habitual me craves …

Smoke, drag, puff of naughty stuff on moonlight seat

Scared me demands

The right to dream of A/C, my own car and daily, unfettered carnality

Mind moves forward and embraces reality

Miracles, everywhere

Paid-off Dodge,  A/C home,  lover husband

And this fine PC, Partner in Cyber Crime

Smokes? I miss, but not that much.

Colored Eyes

Monochromatic dogma ushers engulfing, bitter solace

Extend unwilling and faithless hand

Allow braver tongue to speak on your behalf

Those that target your exposed neck, already dead

Their shields and armor, laughable tin

Oppressive roars, failed entry of righteous ears

Investigative brain never ceases

I am a stellar spy with knowledge-seeking, colored eyes

Hateful Curmudgeon, I see who you are

Untrue bigotry, your false limp and cane

Fear not, filthy heart and home shall be cleaned

Straighten up, as you threaten arrest

Hug you tighter, as you attempt to shove me away

Speak kindly, in the face of insults

Brush your hair, listen and show compassion

Whisper, I’ll be your daughter

Finally, murdered tears and tenderness are reborn

Love has restored

Betrayal of youthful charges, this crime is yours

Idealistic intentions, severed from learned soul

Hoodlums, jokers and privileged brats overpowering you?

Forget not, the saintly others seeking ethics amongst well-versed lectures

Unsheath your righteous sword, combat scholastic enemies

Sadly, you prostrated yourself long ago

Adding to the pointless, abandoning hopes of redemption

Swim, shell of a teacher, in your  guilty Vodka pool

Self-preservation is assured, says Tenure