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Why is separate even an option

Does a lifetime carry any weight

No one knows you better than God and me

Never more than friendship, I’m afraid

Please understand and don’t ask again

There is such lovely angst and beauty

When we live within our pretend

Exiting companion fervently states

I love and curse you within a breath

Pretend with some other trusting fool




Dearest Ortho Surgeon

My final hope before leaving the states

Your brethren have shunned

this tortured shell of a woman

I live everyday with evil betrayal

Cursed legs simply don’t look right to me

No matter what or how hard I try

Weights, running, tanning and Pilates!

I’m as dedicated as they come

Cosmetic surgery was an expensive joke!

 So, I want you to send them packing

I’ll be the hottest amputee with high end prostheses

Spray-paint a small Van Gogh or Klimt

I’ll get three or four pairs of course

Everyone will love my courage and me

Doc? No, not security! You haven’t heard it all

Psychiatry staff is urgently needed in this particular case

Defiantly standing upon cursed garment grounds

My dear twisted enemy / comrade

No wires, hooks and chaffing lace, please

What do you mean it doesn’t fit me?!

Tug, stuff, lean forward and stuff again

Just to live in an age and size lie

Curses to all bras, corsets and boob-slings

Breasts now look tortured by rope

Oh, that sexy black satin number looks hot!

Yes And No

No is what I’m feeling

at this particular time

My No is mentally boisterous

and mockingly silent

No! My sound is mine!

No. I won’t look at you

Even with your torrent of tears

No, I don’t hate you

Hate makes you a moment’s yes

You’re just a No, not more or less

Suicide? That would be your ‘No’

No sound from nobody behind

As I ride the Yes Highway into a Yes Sky



Frenzy was the mode of ending lives

That explains the monster’s capture

Posing so coquettishly for all media outlets

Loving the sounds of interest hate and sorrow

Final judgment is so fittingly humane … perhaps

No more love for the blood drainer

No more hatred because justice is done

No outside voice, touch, or even look

Even birds are forbidden from the mocking window

Talk to yourself, the blistering sun, the ominous moon

The wall-crawling ants may befriend you

Enjoy the torturous pounding silence of Life plus 20 years

I know that I loath audible boredom

 Ears bleed from caustic speech

I know I am done working on nothing

Righteous fingers atrophy in protest

I know that I am currently lost

No sun or moon  to direct nomadic feet

I know I’ll survive, move and be useful

I’ve been to that most suitable country


I’m bitterly tired of exquisite folk

So much polluted air with hollow soliloquies

Bless me with a morally marred creature

Who relishes in sharing awful exploits

Apologize for past wrongs, mannequin and rat

Pastel-colored, phony smile succinctly obliges

Coarse-souled hooligan refuses, of course

No damn sorry! I don’t smile when I do wrong

I know who I am. More honest than pretty one!




What do you want, he flippantly uttered

Much!  And you are inept to deliver

I Want earth shattering Death

 Death to Hate, Bigotry and Prejudice

Death to Selfishness and Greed

Death to Fear Jealousy and Loathing

Death to cursed Global Apathy

Death to Ignorance and Gluttony

Death to the Death-Making machines

Death to the mentality of Us versus Them

Life To A Kind Way To Live

Myself In This World

World, go crazy for all I care

I am through making excuses for you

Joy! Discovery! A cool dark space

Inhabited solely by subtle breezes

Just Me and breath in awkwardness

Insanely quiet ! Too alien for noisemaker me!

I leave to breathe at a manic pace

Far too brutish to contemplate

Anything as significant as myself in the World

Morning After

I want you to really, honestly know

How special last night was to me

You took me to unimaginable places

I’ve never been there before

Sadly, I have to tell you beautiful

I won’t be calling you my one and only

I’m not the kind of guy to settle down

“Oh, shut up, Senator” she said

“You’re married, gay and a boring, lazy lay”.

“And my Wyoming member is longer than your leg!”