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We were once free – completely vulnerable yet safe

In our precious beginning – mixing our cries with air

We owned nothing but ourselves

Step – Happily surrounded with voluntary gifts

And there it went on and on through youthful years

Mind and heart produced and mattered

Tangible, lifeless objects and background noise

Still you owned (somewhat) disappearing things

Look, learn, feel the world – which is pleasing and insulting

Refuse to be a warden-prisoner of your gilded cages

Who was born to guard bloodless fancies – expensive and loveless

Guard and tenderly give the unprotected – with numbered names

Wealth in human ventures lightens any load

May your body carry and care for rediscovered smiles


Lived a thousand years ago
Then opted for today
Robustly feeble due to society
So divorce society, says absurd spider
Why is a spider in my segregated space?
No divorce – astral feet took astral steps
Forward all who seek opinion
The elegantly lost – lead into ordinary void
All swindled by the soul-sick – recover within
And judgment for myself – silent chuckles
Today I move to a low-rent universe

Everyday Hell

Poor heeled feet are moving

No, fiercely sprinting

No, no time to touch the ground

Purse, satchel, bagged nutrition

Bounce against aching sides

Wait! Please! Slow down!

It slowly teases a bit – yes, hope

Then satanically speeds away

Bus driver was the devil today


Travel Via Punk

Abused lungs and throat ache, burn

After quasi-eternity of self-induced forever

The uppers and innards decide – fairly, angrily

Proper, kinder functions can return

Manic, willful extremities – guilty inciters  

Moving excessively, ignorantly

Organs revolted against freedom! Why?

What do you want from us?

We’re know-nothing know-it-all kid parts!

We’ll die if we can’t be soaring eagle free


Tug Of War

Roaches, white walls, beige carpet

Thick city-grime windows – complete

Pobre Chicano dwelling

Cynically houses good-bye dreams

Bikini clad daisy girls

Living silly on island sand

Blink, awake to fractured streets

Shattered glass-crusted asphalt

Battle chica’s sandaled feet

Bamboo walled suite is calling

Bubble bath fit for a queen

Can’t turn the white girl faucet

Blistered palms can’t ever squeeze

East L.A. jails and suppresses

Chica’s  freedom loving mind

Go to magical island realm

When welfare lights are off


Finally Warranted

Half the presentable creature

Consumer of empty want

Observing a textured world

via unencumbered mind travel

Write, breathe and remember

Then write about breathing more

Touch your multifaceted words

Within your peculiar core

Name yourself unknown writer  

It is finally warranted



I am a heart-felt Shakespeare

A much lesser Bard, of course

Confession, I am a Yank dreamer

Conjuring up clever deadly trysts

Whilst cloaked wizards poof away

Oh Isle of Shires, Hams and Fields

Eternal rolling greens and bogs

I think you house mystic beings

Or perhaps medieval wrongs

Cold tyranny and pompous gallantry

Schizophrenic in their historic dance

Rule the world for just a moment

Alas, globally labeled stiffs and bores

Until salt aged pubs are examined

If only I could cross the pond











Running The Gauntlet

young-old 5 am worker

takes zombie-like walk

to stale scented bus

instinctively guarding

an impoverished purse

transferring twice

while standing in dreams

walking pass living corpses

into cruel boss’ cage

praying to working poor God

that boss won’t look this way


Free No More

Creatures like you are anchor-free

Just zig and zag without meaning

Trying to play last card, super cool

Mocked unmercifully by know nothing brats

You ultimately see your age and precarious lot

Days of nomadic gypsy are scarce and dying

Vintage rock garb and a wicked chopper

Can’t change your residential status

Indigent cliché biker covets a regular life




Is there a start and end for this illogical adventure

I possess more than you can ever fathom

Obscenely mythical tales via hypnotic tones

This storyteller soul is generously corrupt

Curious sun settles beside you. Intently listening

Sword and dagger exploits with scurvy, salted pirates

Befriending a ancient world rooftop Sherpa in thin air

Haggling a Mekong river merchant to tears

Sleeping upon Serengeti terrain with a massive lion guard

Shall I end with a galactic trek light-years away?

I see now that it may sound far-fetched